Wellness Promotion provides free resources and programs to UCCS students, RAs, affiliated CU departments, and UCCS student groups. These services offer students the opportunity to learn information and develop skills about ways to take care of themselves and make choices that are right for them.

We Offer

The Body Project Series
The Body Project is a two-part interactive series that helps women challenge their body-related concerns, talk positively about their bodies, and respond to pressures to achieve the thin ideal. For more information about the series and to learn the next available workshop, please contact Katie Gordon at or call 719-255-4448.

Educational Materials
We provide a variety of educational materials in print and online.  Come visit our office in the Recreation and Wellness Center or check out our resources available online here.

Presentations and Workshops
  For information on available presentations or to discuss a presentation designed for your group, please call Wellness Promotion at 719-255-4448 or email

Wellness Coaching
We offer FREE wellness coaching for students looking for added accountability, more resources, and more knowledge about health and exercise.  The wellness coach will work with your individual needs and unique situation to help you become your healthiest self.  For more information, call 719-255-4448 or email