PEAK Peer Education

UCCS PEAK Peer Educators

What is a Peer Educator?

Peer Educators are a diverse group of UCCS students who work in conjunction with other university services to deliver preventative and holistic programs and events to fellow students. They are trained by specialists in topics such as alcohol and other drugs, sexual assault and sexual health, body image, nutrition, and wellness.

The PEAK Peer Education program commits to four guiding principles: Promotion, Empowerment, Action, and Knowledge.

Promotion: To the promotion of wellness as a way of life and the services that support a culture of wellness on campus
Empowerment: To empower peers to make informed decisions about their own health behaviors and lifestyles
Action: To keep an action oriented philosophy, never staying stagnant or accepting current health trends as truths unable to change
Knowledge: To gain the knowledge required to create evidence-based, high quality and responsible programs, events, and initiatives, and to share this knowledge with others

How do I become a Peer Educator?

We are now accepting Peer Education application on a rolling basis. Download the Peer Educator Application and turn it in to:

Katie Gordon