Fall Fitness Frenzy

Welcome to Fall Fitness Frenzy, hosted by the Recreation and Wellness Center. This year we are giving away great prizes, including a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods! Track your exercise and activities with Campus Recreation, and be entered to win drawings depending on your level of participation. You must complete 600 minutes of exercise to be entered to win!


1. Register below!! You must register to win.

2. Record how long you exercise each day. (Download a Log card here) Exercise does NOT have to be only walking- it can include biking, swimming, weight lifting, doing yoga, and dancing, among many other activities. Challenge yourself to get your heart pumping!

3. Participants who get at least 600 minutes (~20 a day) will achieve Tier 1

4. Participating in certain activities in addition to 900 minutes of exercise will achieve Tiers 2 (3 activities) and 3 (6 activities). *fees may apply

  • GF: Attend a group fitness class*
  • IM: Play intramural sports*
  • CR: Play in a Campus Recreation tournament (typically Thursday nights)
  • SW: Swim in the UCCS Recreation Center pool or spa
  • NEW: Journal or write about an experience trying something new here at UCCS
  • ART: Create a piece of art
  • TH: Attend or act in a play
  • FIT: Try a new cardio or weight lifting machine
  • PT: Meet with a personal trainer or get a fitness assessment*
  • SL: Go on a S.O.L.E Center trip or attend a workshop*
  • CS: Go to a club sport game (as a participant or spectator)
  • BK: Rent a bike or outdoor equipment from the S.O.L.E. Center*
  • WR: Write a letter of gratitude to someone you care about
  • DT: Make an appointment with a Dietitian at the Wellness Center

5. After you do one of the activities, you will need to validate the activity with a Campus Recreation staff member at the Recreation Center front desk, Group Fitness Studios 1 or 2, or the S.O.L.E. Center. You must show a photo of the activity as proof for validation.

6. Turn in your log card by Friday, November 3 at noon to the Recreation Center front desk, fax it to 719-255-4446, or email it to kgordon4@uccs.edu to be entered in the raffle

7. Questions? Contact Katie Gordon, kgordon4@uccs.edu


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