Gina Nelson, LMT

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Gina Nelson, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist


I received my Bachelors of Arts from James Madison University in 2011. I did my graduate level work at Virginia Tech and got my M.A.Ed in Higher Education Administration in 2014.  I am also a certified Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise. 

Job Responsibilities

Coordinating programs, events, and discussions on a variety of health topics, including: stress management, physical activity, sexual health, happiness, alcohol and marijuana, and body image. I also give free health coaching sessions to students hoping to enhance their activity level, stick to a routine, or manage time so that exercise is possible even with a busy schedule!

I Can Help You With

Programming and education: Creating programs for your residence hall, hosting workshops for your fraternity or sorority to fulfill national guidelines for wellness education, hosting workshops for your club, putting on a wellness focused event, tabling and passing out information at an event, presenting on a variety of topics.  I can also help you by coming to your class to present on wellness, as well as help you organize a cooking demo, tour, and activity in our building for your class
Getting help: Helping you utilize the programs we have to support you, getting help with an eating disorder (anorexia, binging, purging, or restricting diet) or body dissatisfaction, and helping you meet the recommended guidelines for exercise or become more comfortable with the gym and exercise in general.  I can work with other members of our staff to help you get the best holistic care while at UCCS.

What Excites Me About the New Recreation and Wellness Center

I am so excited about the level of care we are able to provide to you with our space, staff, equipment, and our vision that recognizes all of the "areas of wellness" are integrated and connected


I love being outside and doing any mixture of walking, running, hiking, or skiing in the mountains. I am also a big fan of group fitness classes, especially old school aerobic step classes and weight lifting classes! I enjoy going to music festivals and even dared to attend one by myself once!