Jewel Meyer

Jewel Meyer portrait

Jewel Meyer

Administrative Assistant
Wellness Center

I work at the front desk of the Wellness Center. I greet and check in students as they are coming in to for their appointments and assist with making appointments to come in to the Wellness Center for either medical or counseling services.

Areas of Interest

As newly minted empty nesters my husband and I are rediscovering the joys of being care free adults!
I enjoy all kinds of travel and plan to do a lot more of it when I retire.
Reading is one of my favorite pass times and I belong to a small book club with a group of my closest lady friends, although we discuss a lot more than our current reading selection when we get together!
I play bridge and am an avid "Words with Friends" player too.


B.A. English from UCCS

I Can Help You With

Any information you may need about The Wellness Center and the services we provide.

Being a part of the team of this new approach for care of students is fun and informative for me personally. I really enjoy working with a great group of people who are bright and forward thinking about what is best for our students.