Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center

Benek Altayli portrait

Benek Altayli, PsyD

Director of Mental Health Services

Work : 255-3257


Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a Psychological Trauma emphasis (PsyD) - Colorado School of Professional Psychology, 2007
Master of Science in Clinical Psychology (MS) - Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, 1999
Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS) - Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, 1996

Job Responsibilities


  1. Provide psychological services for UCCS students who present with variety of mental health challenges.


  1. Supervise all the mental health clinicians at the Wellness Center;
  2. Identify the mental health service needs of the campus, develop and implement mental health services accordingly, and ensure the delivery of high quality services for our students;
  3. Be a liaison between the Wellness Center Mental Health Services and the other campus units/officials to provide training, consultation, and collaboration on various projects;
  4. Manage all financial aspects of the Mental Health Services
  5. Serve as one of the three core members for the Student Response Team (SRT) to assist in addressing reports of concern for students.

I Can Help You With

  1. I can help to either provide treatment directly or help you find a clinician for your treatment and/or assessment needs.
  2. I can help you address any concerns/complaints about our services or your access to services.
  3. I can help connect you with the other resources on campus who can help you with various different aspects of your situation.
  4. I can help you create programming for your peers, unit, campus; or I can provide training to fit your needs; or I can assign a staff member to help you.
  5. I can consult with you about a mental health related situation that is troubling/concerning for you to help you make decisions and make a plan to address it.

What Excites Me About the New Recreation and Wellness Center

Our center has a service-oriented philosophy that prioritizes meeting the students' needs with a "can do" attitude. We have a very strong team who is hard-working, professional, competent and compassionate; who appreciates and is appreciated by the students we serve; who is able to obtain very positive results, even in the face of adverse conditions and unpredictable challenges. I love working together because all these shared values and attributes create a supportive environment I feel privileged to be a part of. Every day, I come to work because I want to be here to help all of our students have access to the best quality services we can offer.


I enjoy wildlife and landscape photography and am a member of urban sketchers community. During photography trips, I love setting up my gear before dawn or right before sunset to catch the first light of a beautiful scene, documenting the awakening of wild animals and birds to start their day, or their rituals as they get ready to end their day to start anew tomorrow.
The rest of the time I draw/sketch urban scenes, documenting the urban settings we live in and share.

I am also an avid reader; usually finish a book every couple of weeks. Science fiction and fantasy have been what I was drawn to for years. As I age, for the last few years, fiction and historical fiction have also seeped onto my radar.