3-Bean Salad with Quinoa (V, GF)

3-Bean Salad and Quinoa


Bean Salad with Quinoa - Download Recipe
Cooking Time: 20 mins Serving Size: 1/2 cup Serves: 4
Calories: 375 Fat: 20g Carbohydrate: 38g Protein: 11g
•1/2 can red kidney beans
•1/2 can black beans
•1/2 can chickpeas
•1/2 medium red onion,
•1/2 red pepper, diced small
•1/4 cup fresh parsley,
•1 cup cooked leftover
•2 TBS + 1 tsp cup apple
cider vinegar
•2 TBS + 1 tsp cup lemon
•1/3 cup olive oil
•1/2 tsp salt
•black pepper to taste
Combine all beans, onion, pepper, parsley, and
quinoa in a large bowl.
Whisk together the vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil,
salt and pepper in small bowl and pour over mixture.
Add feta cheese if desired.
Serve over a bed of greens for an easy and delicious
on-campus lunch.