Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center


The mission of nutrition services at the Wellness Center at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs is to provide nutrition education and medical nutrition therapy for the student community at an affordable price. The Dietitians provide reliable and evidence based nutrition information to guide and empower students in achieving a balanced, food first, healthy approach to eating and a positive relationship with food. Students are able to access nutrition information in a variety of formats including counseling sessions, workshops, educational visuals, and cooking demonstrations.

First 3 Dietitian visits are FREE for all students!

The Wellness Center is pleased to offer individual nutrition consultations, educational classes, and cooking demonstrations with our Registered Dietitian. The first three visits with the dietitian are free for students and appointments are only $15 thereafter. In the fall semester we will return to offering cooking demonstrations for residence halls, clubs, and organizations. We will be able to offer full cooking classes in our Teaching Kitchen at the new Wellness Center. Programs typically last about an hour, but may be adjusted with prior arrangements. We require at least 2 weeks of notice prior to the program date. Knowing the size of the group helps us plan appropriately for activities and the structure of the program. Please watch for updates on the start of these classes again.


We can discuss general nutrition and wellness, eating healthy on a budget, shopping strategies, eating for exercise, mindful eating, building your healthy relationship with food, supporting the local food movement, sport nutrition for athletes, chronic diseases, food allergies and insensitivities, eating healthy on the meal plan and on campus, specialized dietary patterns, and much, much more.


Hours vary by semester. Please call us at 719-255-4444 if you are interested in scheduling a time to meet with one of our dietitians.