Power Lifting Competition

Description of Event

October 19, 2019 10am-2pm

The event is held in the Athletic Training Room within the Gallogly Recreation & Wellness Center. Weight classes will be determined day-of, as registrationis open until the event starts. Participants will be judged on 3 different power lifts to include: Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Each participant will have a total of 3 attempts to lift their maximum weight, with the 3rd lift being their final weight.

Shoes must be worn when performing all lifts. The recreation center does have weight belts available to use, but we encourage you to bring your own if possible.

PowerLifting Competition Registration

For weight class information and registration contact fitness@uccs.edu

For any questions or comments related to the Powerlifting Competition please contact Cynthia Lewis at clewis6@uccs.edu

We will be reviewing rules right before the competition starts.


Weight class winners will be announced immediately following the competition after all the weights are tallied.



Fall 2016 - Weight Class Results Download PDF
Fall 2016 - Overall Results Download PDF
Fall 2016 - Female Results Download PDF
Fall 2016 - Male Results Download PDF


For any questions or comments related to Fitness program special events, please contact Cynthia Lewis, Fitness Coordinator at 719-255-3875 or clewis6@uccs.edu