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Intramural leagues provide opportunities for individuals, partners and teams to compete in a wide variety of sports. Leagues feature weekly round robin style play followed by a single elimination playoff tournament. Participants may create their own teams or join individually. If a participant wishes to participate but is unable to form a team, the participant may sign up as a free agent. Free agents will then be placed on a team.

Leagues available include Men’s, Women’s, CoRec, Open and Res Hall. CoRec leagues must have an even mix of male and female players, while Open leagues can be comprised of any combination of male and female players.

Select leagues offer both recreational and competitive divisions. The recreational division is designed for teams whose primary objective is to have fun participating in the sport. Most players on these teams may be first-timers, or enjoy the camaraderie of friends and team mates. The competitive division is designed for teams whose primary objective is to win games. Players in this league generally have played high school varsity sports and have remained active in that sport.

Sport Registration Deadline Days of Play Location Leagues
Flag Football (7v7) September 11th Sun, Mon, Wed | 9/15-10/16 Alpine Field Men, Co-Rec
Outdoor Soccer September 11th Sun, Tues | 9/15-10/15 Alpine Field Men, Co-Rec (competitive and recreational)
Ultimate Frisbee (7v7) September 11th Sun | 9/15-10/13 Alpine Field Open
Unified Flag Football September 11th Sun | 9/15-10/6 Alpine Field Volunteers/Open
Basketball (3v3) October 23rd Mon | 10/28-11/25 Recreation & Wellness Center Men, Women, Co-Rec
Floor Hockey (5v5) October 23rd Mon, Wed | 10/28-11/25 Recreation & Wellness Center Open
Volleyball (6v6) October 23rd Sun, Tues | 10/27-11/26 Recreation & Wellness Center Open (competitive and recreational)

Tournaments and Events

Intramural tournaments and special events are a great way to get involved without committing to a full season of play. Most tournaments are completed in a single day and participants are allowed to sign up on site the day of the event.

Sport Event Date Event Time Location Leagues
Dodgeball (7v7) August 28th 7pm Recreation & Wellness Center Open
Grass Volleyball (2v2) September 5th 7pm Alpine Field Open
Spikeball (9v9) September 5th 7pm Alpine Field Open
Kickball (9v9) September 7th 12pm Alpine Field Open
IM Combine September 21st 4pm Alpine Field Open
Softball (9v9) September 28th & 29th 12pm TBD Open
Table Tennis (2v2) October 3rd 7pm Recreation & Wellness Center Open
Mini Golf October 11th 6pm TBD Open
Halloween Cornhole (2v2) October 31st 7pm Alpine Field Open
Sports Trivia November 6th 5pm Clyde's Open
Canoe Battleship (4v4) November 7th 7pm Recreation & Wellness Center - Aquatics Center Open
Log Rolling November 7th 7pm Recreation & Wellness Center - Aquatics Center Open
Badminton (2v2) November 21st 7pm Recreation & Wellness Center Open