Campus Champs

Intramural Sports Campus Champs Incentive Program

To recognize the team that accomplishes the highest level of participation and intramural achievement in the Intramural Sports Program. The winning team will be awarded with the Campus Champs trophy and specialized T-shirts at the end of the 2017-2018 academic year. A point system has been implemented to track the status of each team and will determine the highest achieving team on campus. The trophy reiterates the core aim to encourage more students to foster participation and friendly competition in the Intramural Sports Program. The trophy will be presented to the winning team in an end-of-the-year awards ceremony. The winners will have their team name engraved on the trophy and will be displayed throughout the Recreation and Wellness Center the following school year.

Determining the Campus Champs will be done by continual monitoring of participation, sportsmanship, and winning achievements that will be updated on a weekly basis. Points will be awarded based on the following requirements and guidelines.


  1. Teams must submit their roster and team name to the Intramural Coordinator to be eligible.
  2. Teams must enter each league, tournament, or event with the same team name and be comprised of the same team members to earn points (Maximum of 10 players per team).
  3. All team players must be UCCS students, faculty, or staff and actively sign in to each game on
  4. The team captain (or representative) must be present at each captains meeting.

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The points system will work as follows:

Participation Points:

100 points Per team signed up in league play
50 points Per team signed up in One Day Tournaments or special events

Sportsmanship Points:

250 points 4.00 Sportsmanship Average
200 points 3.75–3.99 Sportsmanship Average
100 points 3.50–3.74 Sportsmanship Average

Bonus Points:

200 points 1st place
100 points 2nd place
100 points All games played (no forfeits or defaults for the entire season)

Penalty Points:

-150 points Each forfeit (up to 300 points)
-200 points Each player ejection (unlimited)
-250 points 2.5 or lower sportsmanship average

Contact: with any questions!

**ALL intramural leagues, tournaments, and events will earn points towards a team competing to be Campus Champs