Small Group Training


Small Group Training

Small Group Training is a new way to hit your fitness goals! Bring a friend or make new friends in these cooperative classes designed to challenge you and to build upon what you learn, week by week. Work with the same instructor and alongside the same group for 8 weeks as you learn technique and build skills in the area of your class. Get individual attention from your instructor with a class size of 6-10 people, so you can work toward your personal goals!

Price is $35 per person for each 8-week Small Group Training class.


Class Descriptions


Choreography will be a space for anyone who is looking for a fun way to exercise that may not always enjoy a traditional workout. The class is dance-centered, and regardless of former dance experience, anyone will be able to push their abilities each week and improve as we put together dance routines as a "dance-crew" type of group. We will build consistently on choreography from the previous week, and we will create various routines set to all kinds of music.
Instructor: Karina

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Further your knowledge and training of the art of 8 limbs by practicing in depth techniques to teach you how to train like a Muay Thai fighter. From beginner to advanced, this class focuses on training kicks, punches, elbows, knees and footwork. With drills that will get you in shape, help you reach your goals and teach you how to refine your Muay Thai technique, this class is ideal for someone who wishes to train like a fighter.
Instructor: Rebecca

Women on Weights

Women on Weights is an introduction to the weight room but is open to beginner, intermediate and advanced lifters. The class is designed to challenge and educate participants in a fun and empowering setting. Our goal is to help you increase your strength, improve your posture and GAIN CONFIDENCE! We will build on strength training from each week, covering all of the major muscle groups.
Instructor: Adelia

Mixed Martial Arts

In Mixed Martial Arts, students will learn basic boxing, basic kickboxing and basic grappling and will understand the best arts and training methodologies for the different ranges of combat. We will build consistently on techniques and combinations from the previous week and work up to more advanced skills by the end of the class.
Instructor: Joe

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