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Program Description:

Fitness Buddies is a free program for the UCCS community to get moving together. Fitness Buddies Leaders are available to workout, exercise and move with you, in or out of the gym. A Fitness Buddy is not a personal trainer, but they can provide valuable motivation, accountability, and support to help you reach your wellness goals. With this flexible program, you can select the Buddy that matches your personal goals and interests after reading through the bios. We welcome all levels and fitness interests!

If you are interested in getting started with a Fitness Buddy, please fill out the form below. We can’t wait to move with you!

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Fitness Buddies!


Cynthia: Hello! My name is Cynthia and I am currently a Health Promotion graduate student at UCCS. There are so many ways to get moving here in Colorado Springs but the two that I enjoy most are hiking out in the sunshine and lifting at the Rec Center. I love trying new forms of movement like group classes, swimming, and rock climbing! I am comfortable in almost any situation, but really enjoy working out with other people, which is the primary reason why I became a Fitness Buddy. I will provide you support, motivation, and accountability! I am looking forward to this new journey with you!

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Kimberly: Hello my name is Kimberly, a graduate student here at UCCS, studying Health Promotion. I have always enjoyed doing different sports and activities, and now I am excited to provide motivation and support for those who want someone to get moving with. I enjoy participating in activities at the Rec center, or checking out local trails to hike or bike. I enjoy being active with a friend, so that's why I like being a fitness buddy.

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Bryan: My name is Bryan, I was born and raised here in Colorado. Having grown up here, I have come to love the outdoors and being physically active each and every day. I enjoy nearly all physical activities, mostly running, hiking, swimming and lifting weights, but I am always up for trying something new as well.  I also have experience as a swim coach and as a strength and conditioning coach. Exercise is one of my passions and I plan on sticking with it for the rest of my life, and I am excited to work with you towards your goal!

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Kate: My name is Kate and I’m a junior here at UCCS, majoring in Health and Wellness Promotion. I just moved to Colorado last year but have always loved all things outdoors. I try to do something active every day, and prefer to be hiking, but I really like to vary my workouts depending on what my body, or mind, needs. This is usually a mix of weightlifting, CrossFit, yoga, swimming, and running. I love to push myself and others, and I’m excited to be your Fitness Buddy!

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Connor: Hello! My name is Connor Smith, I am a senior here at UCCS studying Health Promotion with a minor in Nutrition. Fitness and wellness are very important to me, so I try to stay active as often as I can. I enjoy participating in team games (soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.), weight lifting, and group fitness classes. However, I am open to all forms of exercise! I am excited to make new friends through this program, then continue to motivate and support them.

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Autumn: Hi! My name is Autumn and I am currently a senior in the Senior Fitness Instructor degree program. I have lived in Colorado my entire life, I love spending time outside hiking with my dog, biking, yoga, attending group fitness classes, and circuit training! I love getting outside, being active, and motivating others, which is why I am excited to be a part of Fitness Buddies!

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Nick: This is my second year at UCCS, pursuing my degree in Nutrition. I love lifting weights, hiking and playing volleyball.

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Victoria: My name is Victoria and I am a staff member on campus working in the Lane Center, as well as a non-traditional Health Science Student. As an older woman, I do have my challenges with balance and some joint pain and I am looking forward to growing and becoming stronger on this journey with you. I enjoy weights, both machine and free, swimming, indoor walking routines, yoga.

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Lindsay: I’m an actual Colorado Springs native!  As required for “native” status, I love hiking with my dog, Arthur. There are so many lovely places close by, such as Palmer Park and the Austin Bluffs Open Space.  Road and mountain biking are also fun, and I like showing people some of the new sections of the Pikes Peak Greenway trail.  I have a basic weightlifting routine I do, and it would be nice (and safer!) to have a buddy for lifting.  I find it’s easier for me to get off the couch if I know I’ll be meeting up with someone who also wants to be active!

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Kevin: My name is Kevin and I am a senior in the Game Design and Development program. I enjoy doing cardio workouts as well as weightlifting. I also enjoy doing the group fitness classes and I am open to trying new things. I became a Fitness Buddy because I participated in the Fitness Buddies program last year and I really enjoyed it. I’m very motivational and I work hard. I look forward to working out with you!

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Evelyn: My name is Evelyn and I'm currently majoring in Accounting. I have lived in Colorado Springs since 2010 and I recently came to have a passion for fitness and lifting. I also enjoy going on hikes, the incline, and running. If you want company I will be glad to join. I love to come to the REC center whenever I get free time, it’s really my escape from school and life, a way to de-stress and re-compose myself to get to back on track.  I will motivate you and encourage you to push your limits (safely).