The current UCCS Recreation Center reduces energy consumption through innovation and design in material and resource selection, maintaining indoor environmental quality, and applying water efficiency in the Aquatics Center. We are proud to share the following:

  • Solar thermal panels convert solar energy to heat swimming pool and locker room water
  • High efficiency glass and window allow light in while reducing solar heat gain
  • In-place Concrete Form (ICF) walls provide energy efficiency
  • Low chemical paints, adhesives, sealants, and carpets were used during construction
  • Current landscaping reduces need for water
  • A reflective roof minimizes the "heat island" effect
  • Low flow toilet and sink fixtures reduce facility water use by as much as 38 %
  • Heating and cooling systems reduce energy expenditure by as much as 30%
  • Construction waste recycling diverted over 89% of construction material from landfill.


The Expansion Project of the UCCS Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center finished in the Spring of 2016. The new LEED NC v3.0 Gold Standards building design features includes

  • Low impact development strategies that minimize disturbance of the surrounding natural environment that maximizes open space by 69%.
  • Water landscaping designed to reduce irrigation water use by 50%.
  • Storm water quality control by using natural, on-site storm water treatment.
  • Storm water quantity control and maximizing open space by redeveloping the parking lot instead of developing new land.
  • 30% of materials used in building construction were extracted/manufactured within 500 miles of site.
  • Colorado beetle kill pine used for interior lobby paneling.
  • Green education featuring a touch screen showing live building energy use.

For more information about the LEED Gold Certification and sustainable design features of the Recreation Center, please visit our interactive informational page.


We want to thank the Office of Sustainability and the Green Action Fund (GAF) for their ongoing financial and program support of Campus Recreation initiatives:

Spring 2012

  • Solar panel purchase and installation at the Intramural storage unit at 4-Diamonds Field

Fall 2014

  • Intramural and Club Sports iPad® purchase for paperless administration of both programs
  • Student Outdoor Learning Experiences (SOLE) commuter bike purchase (5) to advocate for more sustainable transportation and in support of the growing Bike Share program 

Spring 2015

  • Fitness program self-powered treadmill purchase for the fitness center, under review

Spring 2016

  • Facilities and additional Intramural and Club Sports iPad® purchase for additional and continued paperless administration for all programs.
  • Sherpa Trail Reconstruction Project
    • Utilized for sustainable reconstruction design and materials and supported the installation of four interpretive signs along the trail.
  • Green Clean Machine
    • Utilized to purchase a NanoClean (chemical free) floor auto scrubber to provide proper care of the Recreation & Wellness Center floor surfaces.

Click here for more information about the Office of Sustainability and the Green Action Fund (GAF).