Locker Rentals

Day-Use Locker Service

All Campus Recreation users are able to check out a locker for the day at no cost. Please stop by the Guest Services Desk to check out a key to a day-use locker, and return the key on your way out. 

Long-Term Locker Service 

For those interested in renting a locker for a longer period of time, please review our locker rental options below. Users will need to visit the Guest Services Desk to complete the locker rental registration, process payment, and receive their locker key. 


August 4 - January 5
August 4 - May 25
August 4 - August 2
Half Locker $25 $45 $60
Full Locker $40 $70 $96

Locker Rental Communication

For any general questions, contact the Campus Recreation Guest Services Desk at (719) 255-7515. For all other inquires please contact Ryan Wong, Manager of Facility Operations at 

Towel Recommendations

Campus Recreation staff utilize, and also provide members with hand sized towels to clean and sanitize the facility, activity areas and fitness equipment. Campus Recreation does not provide, and highly encourages members to bring their own towels to wipe sweat and utilize for pool purposes.

Refund Conditions: Lockers

Except in pre-defined, special circumstances (see below), locker purchases are non-refundable.

Special circumstances, as follow, may justify an exception to the general rule of refund:

  • Medical issues which render the person unable to participate
  • Leaving the university
  • Emergency situations for the participant or family members involving sickness, broken bones, car accident, hospitalization, etc.
  • A note signed by the area coordinator asking for refund, naming the affected person, and explaining the specific circumstance. 

Additional Conditions:

Within the same business day, if a customer changes their mind about purchasing a membership, an activity, a contract, or a service, inclusive of a locker rental, and they do not realize the benefit within that day, a full refund will be awarded without penalty or processing fee ($5).