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Club Sports teams are open to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students at UCCS. UCCS faculty, staff, other employees and affiliates may purchase a membership to Campus Recreation to participate in the Club Sports Program. Faculty and staff may not receive any direct benefits from Student Fees. All currently enrolled UCCS students regardless of skill, ability, or experience are eligible to participate. Contact the Club President for more information on joining a club. A current contact person for each club is listed on our website under the Club Sports Directory. Email the contact listed and they will assist you in becoming a member of that club.


Club Sports teams are open to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students at UCCS. Visit the Competitive Sports Desk at the Recreation and Wellness Center to find out more information about a particular sport or visit the Player Registration link below to join a Club Sports team. To find the complete Club Sports practice schedule please visit our Calendar of Events page here. Please review the following Player Requirements checklists: In order to properly organize the Club Sports program we have set up web based forms and printable forms. You can turn in all printable forms to the Competitive Sports Desk during office hours or the Club Sports Drop Box after hours. For any questions or comments related to the Club Sports program, please contact


Player Requirements


File Type



Player Registration Online The Player Registration form must be completed by each member joining a Club Sport prior to participating in a practice, game or event. The registration will cover 1 year of participation with the Club Sport beginning when the form is completed.  
Player Dues Online The Player Dues must be paid by each participating club member. All Dues payments must be completed using the online link by the date specified by your club. Failure to pay Club Sport Player Dues will result in removal from the team.  
Player Physical PDF All Physicals must be completed on forms located in the link. Physical Examinations can be completed by appointment at the UCCS Wellness Center, Walk-In Clinic, or with a Primary Care Provider. Once completed, Physicals are valid for the participant's entire career within the Club Sports Program. All forms must be submitted to the UCCS Wellness Center Front Desk or to the Club Sports Athletic Trainer.  
Baseline Concussion Test PDF Baseline concussion tests are required to be completed by the following Club Teams: Baseball, Cycling, Equestrian, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee. Once completed, the Baseline Concussion Tests are valid for the participant's entire career within the Club Sports program. Follow the instructions provided to register your XLNTBrain account and complete testing.  
NCAA Concussion Facts Sheet PDF Players must read the NCAA Concussion Facts Sheet prior to submitting and agreeing to the Player Participation Waiver Concussion section.  
Healthy Roster Download App All Club Sport members are required to download the Healthy Roster Mobile App. Within 24 hours of completing Player Registration, you will receive an e-mail with an activation code to set-up your account. All Club Sport members will use Healthy Roster to report accidents and injuries. Contact the Club Sports Athletic Trainer for additional questions.  
Authorized Driver Registration Online Driver Authorization is required for Club Sport members who will be driving either a University Vehicle or a personal vehicle during official club travel.   


Don't see the Club Sport you're interested in? Start a new Club Sport.  


All groups wishing to establish a new club sport must complete the New Club Sport Application form online. This form can be found on the Officer Resources webpage (link: or click HERE (link: to navigate directly to the New Club Sport Application form. Upon successful completion of the application you will be contacted to set up a meeting with the Manager of Competitive Sports to talk through the remainder of the process.

All Club Sports and potential New Club Sports must meet the following criteria for acceptance into the Club Sports Program:

Membership in the Club Sports Program provides student organizations with direct access to a variety of services offered through Campus Recreation. The Competitive Sports Staff serves as advisors to clubs with their day to day operations, events, budgeting, scheduling, promotional advice, and ensures a safe and responsible experience.

To apply for Club Sports Recognition and Associate Status a club must fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Submit New Club Sport Application and Agreement located online on the Officer Resources Center under Administrative.
  2. Agree to the Club Sports Agreement detailing the nature of the relationship with UCCS and Campus Recreation.
  3. Submit a club constitution to the Club Sports Program
    1. Email to for submission and posting on the club sports website.
  4. Officer must attend an officer training and on-boarding with the Competitive Sports staff. All team officers (3) must attend.
  5. Officers (3) must complete the online UCCS Club Sports base-line training in addition to any other training articulated in the Club Sports Agreement.
  6. All 3 officers must receive a passing grade on the online UCCS Club Sports base-line training quizzes.
  7. Adhere to all Club Sports Program, Campus Recreation and UCCS Policies and Procedures governing club related activities. Agree to comply with Standards of Conduct for Recognized Student Organizations and maintain accountability for University policies and guidelines.
  8. Establish projected 100% UCCS student membership (not including coaches and volunteers) and faculty/staff/affiliates who are Recreation Members.
  9. Establish and maintain a minimum UCCS Fee Paying Student roster for safe participation in the specific sport (as determined by the Club Sports program) and a minimum of 5 if not specified by sport.
  10. Submit and verify accuracy of currently active UCCS student members on the official online Club Sport Roster.
  11. Submit a detailed Budget Packet with projections for the remainder of the current FY (fiscal year) and the following FY.
  12. Maintain financial accountability to the University for all University funds, player dues and fundraising monies received. These funds must be maintained through the Club Sports Program. Outside bank accounts or neglecting to deposit funds is not allowed. All club accounts must start the year in the positive (out of debt).
  13. Establish communication and understanding of operating procedures, policy and acceptance for all chartering, sponsoring or governing organizations with whom the club wishes to affiliate with for competition.

Present fulfillment of the proceeding 13 requirement to the Club Sports Association for recommendation of approval status to UCCS Campus Recreation Leadership.

For More Information Please Refer to the Club Sports Handbook.