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Club Sports Desk Phone: 719 - 255 - 7599
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The UCCS Club Sports Program offer students with a passion for a particular sport the opportunity to learn more about the sport, develop additional skills while practicing or playing the sport, build character, and establish lasting friendships. These student-run organizations, all competitive by nature, emphasize leadership and education through the sports it offers. UCCS Club Sports often travel and host games and events in collaboration with other colleges and universities.

The UCCS Club Sports program consists of 15 teams with over close to 400 student-athletes. Club Sport teams travel across the state and the country competing in regional and national tournaments in their respective leagues. The UCCS Club Sports program has grown tremendously in the last few years and continues to grow each and every year. Click on "Joing a Club" to become a part of this great program!

Starting a Club Sports Team

All groups wishing to establish a new club sport must complete the student organization registration process online through Mountain Lion Connect.  The New Club Application form is listed under the "Forms" tabe on the "Club/Organization Help & Resources" portal on MLC . All new student groups must attend a club orientation. Upon successful club/organization registration, club officers must meet with the Campus Recreation Manager of Competitive Sports, Mallory Barger at to discuss adherence to eligibility criteria and application to confirm official Club Sports Association membership.


Annual Registration

In order to remain a registered student organization, all existing Club Sports teams must annually complete a student organization registration form through Mountain Lion Connect.


Club Sports Criteria

Each new Club Sport must be a registered club through MLC. In addition to registering with MLC, club sports must meet requirements set forth by the Campus Recreation and the Club Sports Association. If the Club Sports team meets each requirement below to the satisfaction of the Manager of Competitive Sports and the Club Sports Association the team may achieve membership into the Club Sport Association:  To be considered a part of the Club Sport Association, all clubs must meet the following criteria:

  1. All active club members are UCCS students
  2. Maintains 10 active student members
  3. Registered with a National Governing Body and/or League
  4. Includes some form of competition and availability of adequate competition (tournaments, matches, etc.)
  5. Demonstrates student leadership by maintaining a minimum of 3 officers (President, Vice President & Treasurer) within the club in addition to a Safety Officer
  6. Physically active or athletic in nature
  7. Certify 2 club members in CPR & First Aid and have them complete Safety Officer registration and training
  8. Demonstrate financial stability and submit monthly and annual budget worksheets
  9. Collect Player/Participant Dues to assist in financial stability
  10. Adhere to all University of Colorado at Colorado Springs policies and procedures
  11. Approval by Manager of Competitive Sports
  12. Approval by the Club Sports Association by a majority vote 

*Clubs Sport membership will be reviewed at the end of the academic year by the Club Sports Association to retain status; no club is guaranteed permanent status.


Required Player Compliance forms are located under the "Join a Club" tab. To become an active participant on a Club Sports team you must complete all Player Compliance requirements and forms:

  1. Player Participation Waiver
  2. Player Physical and Medical Clearance form
  3. Annual Health Update form
  4. EMR (Emergency Medical Records) Registration
  5. Baseline Concussion test (ONLY for moderate and increased risk sports as indicated in the Club Sports Handbook) 


Important Contacts

Manager of Competitive Sports, Mallory Barger, (719) 255-7513,
Club Sports Athletic Trainers, Nicole Brashears, and Ben Fetter
Business Services Manager, Casi Frazier (719) 255-7511,
Director of Campus Recreation, Skyler Rorabaugh (719) 255-7527,

In case of a LIFE THREATENING ACCIDENT or a MAJOR EMERGENCY, the following people should be contacted IN THE ORDER LISTED:

  1. University Police Department: (719)255-3111
  2. Mallory Barger, Manager of Competitive Sports (719) 255-7513 
  3. Skyler Rorabaugh, Director, Campus Recreation Center: (719) 255-7527