Reporting an Emergency

General Information:

Emergency Reporting:
All emergencies (e.g., fires, bomb threats, personnel injuries, criminal activity, etc.) must be reported immediately to the University Police Dispatcher (255-3111) who will then call for appropriate response and outside assistance.
  • When reporting an emergency by phone, give the dispatcher:
    • Your name
    • Your department
    • The extension number you are calling from
    • Your exact location
  • Report the emergency as clearly and accurately as possible.  Remember, in any situation, it is important to remain calm.
  • The Dispatcher may need additional information.  Stay on the line; do not hang up unless otherwise directed.  When the Dispatcher has all the necessary information, the Dispatcher will either ask you to hang up or will end the call.
  • If the emergency is fire related:
    • Describe the equipment or space(s) involved.
    • Mention whether there is smoke or flames, and their extent.
    • Describe the approximate size of the area affected.
    • Notification takes priority over fire fighting - do not fight the fire until you have finished your call to the Dispatcher, or if another individual is making the call.
    • Only attempt to extinguish a fire if you have been trained on how to do so and when your personal safety is not in jeopardy.