NEVER a Victim

Never a Victim


NEVER a Victim is a 4-hour self-defense and awareness class for both men and woman. The first part of the class is classroom style while the second part is hands on.

NEVER a Victim!, LLC was founded by Doris Rivera-Black with their mission "to empower all participants to NEVER be a victim through teaching awareness, avoidance, and simple no-nonsense self-defense techniques to fit all people regardless of age, background and fitness level. They are dedicated to provide all participants with the self-confidence that they need to SURVIVE if ever faced with an attack!"

This class is FREE to students! For all staff, faculty and community members the class is $30.00 per person.

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PART OF THIS CLASS IS HANDS ON! Participants will need to wear appropriate workout clothing.




Contact Information

For more information contact:
Lisa Dipzinski 
Police Sergeant


Sponsored by

UCCS Student Government Association and UCCS Police