Pandemic Flu

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Is to provide concise, relevant, and current information to help those in our campus community navigate the vast amount of information about pandemic flu planning.  Help us keep our campus community safe and healthy - students and employees are important since they represent our individual and collective future.

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If you would like additional information about avian flu contact:

Stephanie Hanenberg, 
Director, Student Health Center 

Emergency Management

Infectious Disease/ Pandemic Flu

Pandemic flu is a real possibility. Although we do not know when it will happen, the time to prepare is now. Are you prepared?

Because being able to work or attend school may be difficult or impossible, transportation may be disrupted, schools may be closed, social disruption may be widespread, and large-scale events may be canceled, you need to make a planget a kit, and be informed.

  • Make a plan. Once your plan is complete, you need to share it with your family, friends, neighbors, or significant others. Communicate with others about how you would like to be cared for as well as how they would be cared for in case of illness. Discuss what pandemic flu care items will be needed in your home.
    • This CDC checklist will help you gather information and resources you may need. This checklist provides information about water and non-perishable food suppliesmedicationscommunicating with others, care needspet food, and other medical, health and emergency supplies that you may need.
  • Prepare a kit. You will need to store about a two week supply of water and non-perishable food, cleaning supplies, and other items. During a pandemic, stores may be closed or out of supplies, or you may not be able to get to a store.
  • Be informed. There are more things you can do once you have a plan and have prepared your kit. You should create lists of contact information (email, and cell, home, and work phone numbers) for family members; have it available in non-electronic format in case you do not have access to power.
    • provides more information about pandemic flu and ways to prepare.