Work Related Injuries


  • What is Workers' Comp? "Workers' compensation is a type of insurance coverage that employers must provide for their employees. For employees who are injured on the job or develop occupational diseases, this insurance pays for medical expenses and partial wage replacement during periods of temporary disability. It may also provide permanent impairment benefits for those who qualify. There is no payment for pain and suffering under workers' compensation."
  • Who is the WC Insurance Carrier for the University of Colorado? The University is self-insured for workers' compensation. University Risk Management (URM) administers the insurance program and also handles the claims administration for workers' compensation.
  • What happens after a claim for WC is submitted? Upon receipt of the Incident Report, URM will assign the claim to an adjuster, who will then investigate the incident and begin the process of determining compensability and managing the claim from its inception to its conclusion. Any questions regarding a specific claim should be directed to the assigned adjuster.


  • In the event of an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. You do not need to contact URM for authorization to call an ambulance or go to the nearest emergency room.
  • If further treatment is required, you must then go to one of the designated medical providers.
  • In the event of a non-emergency injury, the injured employee may go directly to a designated medical provider (DMP) after submitting the Injury Report form. Further authorization from URM is not required before going to the clinic or scheduling an appointment.
  • For non-emergency care, you must go to a designated medical provider. If you need to be seen immediately, you can simply walk-in. Otherwise, schedule an appointment.
  • If you have questions, contact University Risk Management - Jamie Duvall at (719) 255-3525

Designated Medical Providers

are listed on the University Risk Management website,


You must file an online worker's compensation claim form within 4 days of the injury or exposure. Go to the University Risk Management website,, to complete and submit the claim form. Failure to file this form timely may result in penalties to you, including financial responsibility for treatment.

University Risk Management, not your health insurance, is responsible for payment of services related to a work-related injury or exposure. Report work-related injuries to University Risk Management, and follow Risk Management protocol. Workers' compensation coverage pays for reasonable and necessary medical expenses from designated providers with no co-pays or deductibles, and preserves the employee's rights in the event the injury requires recovery time off work, future treatment, etc.

Send bills from authorized medical providers for a work-related occurrence to:

University Risk Management
1800 Grant St., Suite 700
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-860-5682
Fax: 303-860-5680