Respiratory Protection

UCCS uses engineering, administrative, and procedural controls to protect people from dangerous atmospheres, including harmful mists, smoke, vapors, oxygen deficient environments, and animal dander. When these controls cannot provide adequate protection, respiratory protection is necessary.

People who use respiratory protection must be physically capable of using and wearing the equipment. In some cases, a physician must determine if an employee is healthy enough to use a respirator. In addition, all people required to wear respirators must be formally trained and instructed in proper equipment usage.

Choosing the right respirator for the job is equally important to knowing how to use it. There are many types of respirators and each type protects against different hazards. EHS will help individuals select the best respirator for their needs.

IMPORTANT: Respirators are available in different sizes. Always fit test a respirator to select the correct size.

Environmental Health & Safety can provide training and fit testing for personnel who need respiratory protection.