Emergency Response General Principles


At UCCS planning ahead for emergencies is part of normal business planning and campus life.  All members of the campus community share a responsibility for preparedness.

An emergency can strike anytime or anywhere, and a disaster may affect everyone.  Therefore, all campus departments are expected to maintain a Building / Floor Emergency Plan to protect people, property, programs, and to support campus emergency response and recovery.  The Emergency Planning Guidelines are consistent with university policies and procedures.

All employees and students have a personal responsibility to know what to do before, during, and after an emergency in order to ensure their personal safety and protect their work.  All UCCS managers (officers of the university, deans, chairs, directors, laboratory and facility managers) are considered "essential personnel" during major emergencies or disasters, and their emergency roles and responsibilities are specified in their respective Building / Floor Emergency Plans.
If you have questions, please contact the Department of Public Safety: 719-255-3111

1 For simplicity, the term department is used throughout this document. This term is generally inclusive of all operating, academic and business units: schools, colleges, centers, offices, etc. Each separate location of a department is referred to as a Satellite Operations Center, and each will have an assigned Emergency Coordinator, and Assistant Emergency Coordinator.

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