PTW and UX Courses

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General Information

  • All courses require completion of ENGL 2080 or ENGL 2090 as a prerequisite.
  • Some courses may require additional prerequisites.
  • Face-to-face courses are often taught in computer lab classrooms; if a lab is not available, you will need to have a laptop in class. If you do not have access to a laptop, talk with your instructor about options.
  • Some courses are offered online; most are not. Upper division courses are offered mostly face-to-face.
  • Courses do not run every semester, except for 2080, 2090 and 3080. Some courses are offered only once an academic year, so please check with a PTW advisor to learn which semester a specific course is offered. A few courses may be offered every other year.
  • Courses are capped at 19 students. Students in our upper-level courses often enjoy even smaller class sizes.

Business and administrative writing requires a different mindset than the academic writing with which most students are familiar. From simple elements of design and formatting, to more nuanced skills in style, tone and a keen understanding of audience, this course can significantly impact the way you write on daily basis (emails, memos), as well as for more important occasions (research/persuasive reports and presentations).

Have you ever had trouble defining a term, exactly, or describing something, clearly? We all have! This course will prepare you to communicate complex information to others in the most concise and understandable ways, so you’ll never have trouble describing “defragment” or “hedge fund” again. Whether working with visuals or text, lay audiences or experts, you will gain confidence in your technical writing and presentation abilities.

Workplace writing is a large part of our life’s writing, and you’ll enjoy the chance to practice writing that will matter in your career--on topics that are relevant to each of us. By creating multi-media projects that speak to various stakeholders, you will build on concepts gained in ENGL 2080/2090, further preparing you for writing opportunities in your field. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirement: Writing Intensive.

Prequisite: ENGL 3110. Editors connect the writer and the reader. Learn what it takes to fill this unique role by working on a variety of documents, technical and business, focusing on improving the stylistic features of professional writing and communicating revisions through editing language and other tactful techniques. Students in this class will work with document's organization, clarity, conciseness, consistency, completeness, and accuracy. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirement: Writing Intensive.

Examines print- and web-based design strategies for various rhetorical situations. Includes practice, theory, and terminology of basic document design, with attention to visual rhetoric and usability.

One necessary skill is the ability to work with other people. In this class, you'll fill different roles within at least one major team project over the semester, working with your classmates to create interactive documents. From project planning and management work to usability testing and creating interactive documents, English 3140 will give you dynamic experience in a collaborative project.

Prerequisite: ENGL 3120. The PTW Internship will offer students practical industry experience that encourages skill-building in tech literacy, documentation, editing, design, and more.

This course will provide students with a variety of tools – software tools, writing tools, professional development tools, team writing tools, etc. – for practicing professional communication. Students gain the skills for approaching a new technology as well as an understanding of the variety of communication tools available and how they might best be used in a professional communication capacity. This course will not only help students become better communicators, but it will help the understand how to establish a professional presence within the field. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirements: Writing Intensive.

Students will produce an issue of the riverrun Literary and Arts Journal. The journal was founded in 1971 and publishes creative work by UCCS students. Students will complete analytical, theoretical, creative, and editing assignments in support of the production. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirements: Navigate; Writing Intensive.

Introduces students to the rhetorical process of grant and proposal writing: identifying a problem, generating ideas to solve the problem, finding potential sponsors, analyzing requests for proposals, and planning, developing, and submitting the grant proposal.

Guilty of using the same bland presentation as everybody else? Your presentation doesn’t have to be ordinary. In Presentation Design, we’ll learn the strategies, tools, and techniques to construct and design effective presentations and then deliver these in both individual and team settings. Additionally, we’ll look at alternatives that enable students to go beyond a traditional slide show.

User Experience (UX) refers to the methodologies of research and design for measuring and improving the complete experience a person attains when using a product, system, or service. UX means making the things we all use more usable, accessible, and satisfying. Typically, the things UX is applied to include electronic “texts,” websites, smartphone applications, and other devices that require human-computer interaction and communication, but it is not limited to only these things. Anything that is made by one person for another’s use can benefit from UX testing and design. This course introduces and familiarizes students with the methods, techniques, and tools for measuring this experience.

This course will introduce students to the principles that influence how texts and products look and act. We will explore the role design plays in human-computer interaction and learn how it contributes to the user’s experience. Lastly, students will use contemporary UX design tools to apply these principles and create their own useable and understandable prototypes.

Advanced, in-depth study of diversity issues shaped by professional and technical writing. ENGL 4060 can be repeated for credit with permission of instructor as long as topics are different. Example Course: ENGL 4060 Emotional Intelligence in Tech Comm: What do emotional intelligence and emotions have to do with technical communication? What’s the difference between emotional intelligence and emotions? And how do these two things connect, not only with technical writing, but the identities we have in the world in terms of our society, cultures, gender, politics, and economics? In this course, we’ll engage in an interdisciplinary conversation about emotions, intelligence, and technical writing, and how this grows more complex when we factor in our identities.

Advanced, in-depth study of the theoretical and practical aspects shaping the discipline of professional and technical writing, including the diverse historical and cultural contributions and accomplishments of theorists and practitioners. Theorists, practitioners, and historical contexts shift with topics. ENGL 4080 can be repeated for credit with permission of instructor as long as topics are different. Example Course: ENGL 4080 Publication Technologies: The technology we use to communicate affects both how and what we communicate. This course explores the past, present and future of publication technologies in an attempt to understand how such technology can affect our communication. Throughout the course, we are attempting to create a theoretical understanding of the interaction between writing technologies and communication itself.

The Senior Portfolio is a compilation of the written, visual, digital, and design work that represents the student as a professional/technical communicator. The purpose is to demonstrate who the student is as a professional/technical communicator. Senior Portfolios are due at the time of portfolio presentations. Must have Senior standing. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirement: Summit.