Did you know?  There is NO LONGER a need to pick up the physical permit from Parking Office after purchasing a permit.  The vehicle license plate IS the parking permit!

Spring 2018 Permit Registration

Attention UCCS commuter students and resident students:  IMPORTANT INFO

Spring 2018 virtual parking permits must be purchased PRIOR to the first day of classes, Tuesday, January 16, 2017 at 8am.  Please use link listed at the bottom of this page to purchase a virtual parking permit.

***NEW this year: 

1. There is no longer an option to reserve a permit and pay later at the Parking Office.  All permits must be paid for one of two ways: 1) online or 2) at the UCCS Parking Office.

2. We request ALL students log into the new online parking portal on the parking website to purchase their virtual permit.  Students may also purchase their permit in person at the Parking Office, but we recommend you use the online parking portal.  In this Parking Portal, students may purchase permits, pay or appeal parking citations, and add/edit/delete registered vehicles to their permit.

3. After purchasing the virtual permit and registering up to 5 vehicle license plates, permit registration is complete.  Effective Spring 2018 semester, students no longer need to come into the Parking Office to pick up a physical static-cling parking permit.  Again, physical permits are NO LONGER required to be displayed on your vehicle front windshield, as we are now completely reliant upon our new License Plate Reader (LPR) system.  Due to this change, it is vital that each student purchasing a permit to log into the Parking Portal as necessary to keep their vehicle(s) and license plate(s) current and valid.   

5. Students MUST be registered for Spring 2018 classes in order to log into the parking portal or purchase a permit in person at the Parking Office.  

6. Resident students MUST be registered in the housing database in order to reserve their Resident virtual permit in the parking portal.  Resident permits are included in housing fees so no additional payment is necessary when selecting a resident permit.  Residents will NO LONGER be issued a physical static-cling parking permit. Residents will have the option of purchasing a few other permit types in the parking portal if they wish.  

7. Entering license plate number(s) is now a REQUIREMENT. You may enter as many as five different license plates under one virtual permit, but only ONE of these vehicles may be parked on campus in permit-restricted lots at any given time. Motorcycles can be one of the five registered vehicles, but they must be parked in dedicated motorcycle parking areas only.

8. The following payment methods will be accepted in the parking portal:  

    · Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)

    · Permit fee may be placed on your student account  

The following payment methods will be available at the Parking Office:  

    · Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)

    · Cash, check, or money order  

9. Permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Most permits will sell out well before the first day of classes, so purchase your permit early!  

10. Parking Services is open Monday - Friday from 8a-5p.  However,  we will have special hours from 9a-4p on Saturday, January 13th for those who work during weekdays and don't wish to purchase their permit online.  Again, physical permits will NO LONGER need to be picked up and displayed.


Click HERE to register for a SPRING 2018 Parking Permit
DID YOU KNOW: You are entitled to one first non-display per semester if you have a valid permit and forget to display it.