Did you know?  There is NO LONGER a need to pick up the physical permit from Parking Office after purchasing a permit.  The vehicle license plate IS the parking permit!


FAQ's for new License Plate Recognition (LPR) Program

What is LPR?
License Plate Recognition (LPR) is the most current permitting technology available that provides virtual permits through a vehicle's license plate number in place of a paper permit, sticker or plastic hangtag.

How does LPR work?
Upon permit registration/payment, vehicle license plate number(s) will be entered into the parking software. The software combines the license plate information with the individual's permit type and generates a virtual permit linked to that license plate.

When a vehicle is parked on campus in a permit required lot, the license plate is captured by fixed cameras mounted onto one of our enforcement vehicles. LPR works like a supermarket scanner with your license plate instead of a barcode. When read, the numbers are automatically referenced against our database to verify the vehicle has been registered with the Parking Services Department and that a permit has been purchased. If a license plate and vehicle information are not associated with a valid permit consistent with the lot in which the vehicle is parked (employee, student/visitor, etc.), then the vehicle will be subject to a citation.

Why are we implementing LPR?
LPR will allow us to eliminate the need for physical parking permits and thus make our parking management system more efficient and provides customer benefits.

How does it benefit me?
·         Eventual elimination of physical permits to display and the need to move permits from vehicle-to-vehicle
·         Creates the ability for online purchase of permits and eliminates the need to come to the office to pick up physical permits (no more lines!)
·         Lost or stolen permits and the associated replacement fees, police reports, and processing will be eliminated
·         You won't have to worry about remembering your permit, switching permit from a different vehicle, permit falling off your rearview mirror, or permit being displayed improperly
·         Option of paying for hourly/daily parking or extending hourly parking via your smartphone
·         Reduced waste in accordance with UCCS's commitment to zero waste and campus sustainability:
          o    Reduced paper, plastic, envelopes and ink used in permit production and distribution
          o    Reduced waste and litter in all campus parking lots

How can I purchase a permit?
Students will still be able to register for and purchase most permits online as they have always done.  The only difference will be that entering license plate information is now required. 

For Fall 2017, faculty, staff, and students must enter the permit portal on the Parking & Transportation website to purchase their permit.  There will be many choices for payment once in the portal.  As a redundant system, Parking will still be issuing a physical "static cling" permit that needs to be displayed on the front windshield.  Those purchasing a permit will be given the options of picking up the "static cling" permit at the Parking Office, or have it mailed to your home for an additional $4 fee.

Can I park in any lot now that there are no hangtags or stickers?
No. All lot privileges remain the same and are based upon your permit type (employee, student, etc.). Vehicles parked in an area on campus not associated with their permit type will be subject to citation.

Will campus signage be changing?
Only signage in visitor parking areas will be changing to reflect the new requirement to enter license plate information.  All other signage on campus will remain unchanged.

What if I purchased a UCCS permit and I am visiting another CU campus?
Each CU campus maintains different protocol for recognizing permits from other CU campuses. Please rely on the destination campus for specific information regarding campus visiting procedures and reciprocity. Please visit HERE for further information on the CU Reciprocal Parking Program.

How will motorcycle permits be handled?
Motorcycles may only park in designated motorcycle parking spaces.  Motorcycles are required to be parked in such a way in motorcycle parking areas that the LPR system can read the rear license plate from the adjacent drive aisle.  Motorcycles may be included free of charge under one of the five registered vehicle license plates allowed under a purchased car parking permit.  However, since only one of the five vehicles listed under one parking permit can be parked on campus at the same time, those who wish to park their car and motorcycle on campus at the same time MUST purchase a separate motorcycle parking permit.

Visitor Parking

Are there still going to be visitor Pay Stations with LPR?
Yes. Visitor Pay Stations will remain in lots 220, Gateway Garage level 3 and Alpine Garage level 1 for individuals to purchase daily or hourly permits. These pay stations will no longer dispense paper permits (Lot 220) or ask for stall numbers (garage locations), but instead will use your license plate number to generate a virtual permit for your vehicle. You may also choose to pay for your permit via the mobile app, as well as paying for additional time by phone.

 Will I have to display the Pay Station receipt on my dash?
No. Since Pay Stations record license plate information, there is no need to go back to your car to display a receipt on your dash.

If I originally paid at the Pay Station, can I extend my time when my hour(s) is expired?
Yes. You can either extend at the Pay Station itself or extend by using your phone.  When originally paying at a Pay Station, it will ask if you'd like to receive a text 15 minutes prior to your time expiration.  If you choose yes, it will ask for cell phone number and then text you a reminder.

Do I ever have to go to a Pay Station?
No.  We will be partnering with a pay by cell company which offers payment by phone or by app.  They will also offer extend by phone.  No need to ever use our Pay Stations if you don't want to!

What if I don't have access to a phone?
Pay stations will still be available on campus, so a phone isn't required.

License Plates

What if I get a new vehicle/license plate?
It is imperative that your license plate number(s) and vehicle information is current and remains up to date. Please email parking@uccs.edu, call, or stop by Parking Services to update your information immediately after a change.

What if I have a personalized plate or a special character/symbol?
If you have a personalized plate with less than 7 characters, or if you have a special character within your plate (heart, star, etc.), you will skip the special character and enter in the number of characters remaining on the plate. For example:

Heart Symbol followed by the word "Sample"

This customer would enter "SAMPLE" at a pay station or during their online registration.

What if I do not have a front license plate?
If your vehicle is registered in the State of Colorado, the state requires two plates to be displayed, one in front and one in back of the vehicle. If you have a back-facing plate only, please park head-in so that the LPR system can read your registered license plate from the drive aisle. Failure to park head-in may result in a citation.

Will I receive a citation if my license plate is dirty or if I have a decorative cover?
As long as your plates are legal for driving, our system can read them.

What if I have a newly registered vehicle without a license plate?
Please enter the temporary license plate number when registering your vehicle. Don't forget to notify Parking Services when you receive the permanent plate!

Multiple Vehicles / Temporary Vehicles

What if I own/drive more than one vehicle to campus?
Individuals are allowed to register multiple (up to five) vehicles on the same virtual parking permit. However, only one vehicle is allowed on campus at a time per permit. The LPR technology will recognize the first vehicle as valid, but any additional vehicles under the same permit will be subject to citation.

What if I have a loaner or rental car?
Individuals are allowed to add or remove vehicles to their parking permit at any time, which will include loaner or rental cars. Once your usage of this temporary vehicle has ended, you will need to notify Parking Services to remove it.

Can I carpool with someone else?  If so, how do I do this?
Yes.  Carpooling is encouraged.  However, please make sure the person you are carpooling with registers their plate under just one user's account. 

When I carpool, who is responsible for citations issued?
The person who paid for and registered their license plate(s) under their virtual permit will be ultimately held responsible for any citations issued. We recommend discussing this ahead of time with your carpool partner(s).


How will my license plate information be used?
The license plate information collected in this process will only be referenced against the campus database for purposes of verifying parking permits on campus.