Did you know?  There is NO LONGER a need to pick up the physical permit from Parking Office after purchasing a permit.  The vehicle license plate IS the parking permit!

Disabled Parking

Parking for persons with disabilities is available on the UCCS campus at hourly meters, in permit-controlled parking lots and in visitor lots. If you're disabled, Parking Services will work with the Office of Disability Services to assist you with your parking needs. Blue pavement striping, blue and white signs and the universal access symbol designate parking spaces for use by disabled persons as well as campus designated signs. Unless you use adaptive equipment (i.e., hydraulic lifts, ramps, wheelchairs, etc.), we request you park in an available disabled space other than the spaces reserved for "van accessible," so individuals who have the need for the wider "van accessible" spaces have those spaces open when they need it. A state-issued disability license plate, permit, decal or placard must be displayed at all times in vehicles parked in disability spaces.

In lots that require a permit to be displayed, a valid UCCS parking permit must accompany the state-issued disability placard or license. In metered spaces or visitor lots, the correct payment for the hourly or daily rate of parking must accompany the state-issued disability placard or license.

We support the University's commitment to assisting persons with disabilities. As such, we issue high fines for parking violations associated with misuse of handicapped spaces on the campus. Additionally, the violating vehicle may be subject to immobilization and/or tow.

For more information, please contact the Parking Office at 255-3528 or the UCCS Office of Disability Services at 255-3354.