Did you know?  There is NO LONGER a need to pick up the physical permit from Parking Office after purchasing a permit.  The vehicle license plate IS the parking permit!

Parking Code Application

Departmental Visitor Parking codes are issued to eligible UCCS Departments. The Purpose of the parking code is to allow eligible department's access to a customer friendly parking option for the department's official visitors.

1. Departments must request a code using the official Departmental Code Application.
2. All applications are subject to approval of the Parking Manager or their designee.
3. The following list, which is not inclusive, provides examples of when an application will be denied:
a. Lack of evidence to support a need for or significant use of the code.
b. The application is not for a UCCS Department.
c. The application is for a student club.
d. The application is for an event and does not demonstrate an ongoing need for a parking code.

4. Codes may be disabled for any of the following reasons:
a. Suspicion of fraud or misuse.
b. At the request of the UCCS Controller.
c. At the request of the University of Colorado's Office of Internal Audit.
d. If the department and/or its representatives fails to pay for parking charges in accordance with the agreement.
e. If the department fails to properly audit and review weekly parking charges.
f. If the department fails to demonstrate an ongoing need for the code. An ongoing need is described as no less than 10 uses per month.


1. All code numbers are eight digits long; the number sequence is determined by the UCCS Parking Office.
2. Codes are twice per academic year. Though the agreement is good until canceled.
3. A new code to replace a current code may be issued mid-semester
4. Codes are valid during the semester at all times that the visitor parking machines are operational.
5. Codes are valid in all visitor parking machines but are not valid in individual parking meters.

Responsibility of the Parking Office:
1. The parking office will charge each department speed type once a month for parking services used under the code.
2. Each month, the parking office will process use reports for each code and will mail to the responsible party of each department a copy of the use report.
3. The parking office will e-mail parking codes to both the responsible person and the fund manager.
4. For departments selecting the renewable code option, the Parking Office will send the new code to the responsible person and the fund manager before a new semester begins.

Responsibility of Department requesting codes:
1. A responsible person in each department will be designated to review the parking use reports to insure the code is not misused.
2. The department will retain the weekly use reports in their financial files for reconciliation with monthly statements.
3. The department agrees to pay for all use charges at the published rates in effect at the time the code was used.
4. The department agrees to notify the Parking Office immediately upon suspicion of code misuse.
5. The department agrees to give the code only to eligible campus visitors.
6. The department agrees to safeguard the code. The code may NEVER be used in publications that are distributed to the general public.
7. The department assumes full responsibility for informing their guests as to the visitor parking procedures including the correct communication of the parking code and where the guest may park with the code.
8. The department assumes responsibility for paying the parking tickets issued to their invited guests who park in violation of parking policies.
9. Departments requesting codes may select the recurring code option. In this case, the department will automatically be issued a new code prior to the beginning of each semester. Departments requesting this option are responsible for informing the Department of Public Safety if staff changes occur (in which case a new contract is required) or if the department no longer wishes to participate in the visitor parking code option.

1. It is a violation of state and university fiscal rules for university funds, regardless of funding source, to be used to pay for the parking of university employees (including but not limited to student employees, classified staff, professional staff, faculty, instructors, and temporary employees). Such misuse can result in revocation of the Department Visitor Parking code as well as civil and criminal penalties as provided for under university and state fiscal rules.
2. The code may never be published.
3. The Department of Public Safety and/or Parking Services is not responsible for mechanical failures in the visitor parking machines.
4. The code may not be used to pay for parking tickets.
5. The code is valid only in parking lots with designated parking machines. The code is not valid in any other parking lots. The code is never valid for parking in a fire lane, roadway, or handicapped parking (unless valid handicapped parking permit is also displayed).

Is this code for an event?:

Department Parking Rates
Effective May 17, 2016

Parking Codes:
Hourly: $1.20
Daily: $7.20

Daily Hang Tags:
Blue day tag: $5.00 per tag

Admin Processing Fees for Ticket Violations
Violation 3: $10.00
Violation 6: $10.00
All other violations: Face value of ticket