Carpool: Share a UCCS Parking Permit

Share Car Costs!





Benefits of Carpooling

  1. You save money on gas, parking, and vehicle wear and tear.
  2. Sharing driving duties reduces stress.
  3. Carpooling offers the opportunity to develop new friendships with other commuters.
  4. Fewer cars on the road reduces traffic congestion and pollution.
Priority Carpool Parking
UCCS offers priority parking spaces in lot 224 for groups
with a valid UCCS parking permit.
(groups of 2 or more)
Waze Carpool
Find a Carpool!
An app based service that matches drivers and riders who are commuting
at similar times via similar routes.

The driver gets paid up to $.54 a mile,
or can choose a set fee and the rider gets a low cost ride.

Matches are easy to make and can be close to real-time, and if things don't work out with your carpool partner you just choose a different one the next day.