Sona System FAQs

What is Sona and why should I use it?
Can I access Sona on my phone?
Can I participate in any study I want?
Can my Instructor or Teaching Assistant assign my extra credit?
Do all UCCS Psychology courses accept research extra credit?
How do my Sona points get to my instructor?
I don't see my Sona credit in Canvas.
I can't assign credit to my class! What happened?
My research participation is due in a week. Can I just sign up for a study now?
My Sona emails are going to my "Junk Email" folder. How can I fix this?
What if I am a student under the age of 18?
What if I can't make a scheduled timeslot?
What is the Extra Credit Bank?
Why can I not access an online survey after signing up?
Why should I participate in research studies?