Sona System FAQs

Sona is short for the name of a company called "Sona Systems," which provides web-based software that helps universities manage research study participation. The UCCS Psychology Department uses the Sona System to track participation in research. Using this system is also the best way that we can coordinate meetings between students and researchers for studies.

UCCS students in General Psychology (PSY 1000) participate in a set number of research hours as a requirement for completing the course, and therefore must use the Sona System. Other courses in the UCCS Psychology Department offer extra credit for participation in experiments. There also may be opportunities for people to participate in an experiment for monetary compensation. There are many studies to participate in - all available through Sona. 

Please watch the following participant tutorial to get started! 

If you do not receive an Inbox email from the Sona System with your login information, please check your email's Junk/Spam folder before emailing the Sona System Administrator.

Yes! The Sona System's mobile app is available on both the Android and iPhone! This version is for Participants, and supports all the features of the normal website except signup for two-part studies. Click one of the links below to download the appropriate app, or simply search for "Sona Mobile" on Google Play or iTunes. 

Download the Sona Mobile app for Android 
Download the Sona Mobile app for Apple 


Unfortunately, no. Research often calls for controlled variables, and researchers may restrict participation to people of a certain gender, age, or other characteristic. Other studies may require that you have been invited to the study, or that you've completed another particular research study prior. We strive to make enough experiments available for students year-round, but sometimes there are just not enough timeslots when everyone wants to participate.

We highly recommend that you look out for studies well in advance of your deadline, if you are required to participate for class credit. As mentioned in the question above, availability will vary, eligibility requirements vary, and timeslots fill up fast. So if you check the week before your participation is due, you may not be able to find a study that works for you. By checking for studies throughout the semester, instead of at the last minute, you will have a better chance of getting the credit you need. Except under extreme circumstances, it is the student's responsibility to complete the research participation requirements. Important note: The Sona System is locked out to Participants on the finals week of every semester. Make sure to plan accordingly.

You have to add a course in your profile before you can assign credit to it. When you log into Sona, click the "My Profile" link, and  click on "Change Courses." From there, you can select one or multiple classes that you are enrolled in, and then save changes. When you go back to "My Schedule/Credits," you should then be able to assign or reassign credit to the appropriate course. 

To participate in psychology research some studies may require participants to be at least 18 years of age. If a study requires a participant to obtain parental permission prior to participating, please contact the researcher directly for a consent form.

Please note: if you are a UCCS Student who is not at least 18 years of age, you may participate in psychology research without parental permission as long as the study is of "minimal risk", any study with greater than minimal risk requires parental permission.

Research extra credit is accepted in psychology courses based on an individual instructor's policy. To learn about the extra credit policy for a specific course, please ask the instructor who teaches the course.

Participants may carry over any unused extra credit from semester to semester by assigning any points they do not wish to put toward a course in the current semester to the "Extra Credit Bank". In order to assign points to the "Extra Credit Bank" each participant must add the "Extra Credit Bank" as one of their courses. Any points assigned to the "Extra Credit Bank" will carry forward from semester to semester until the points are assigned to a specific course.  It is the participant's responsibility to assign the extra credit they have earned to the course that they would like the points allocated. All extra credit must either be assigned to the "Extra Credit Bank" or the course of choice no later than the day before finals begin each semester. Any points not assigned to the "Extra Credit Bank" or to a course will be permanently deleted from the system at the end of each semester.

Participating in research is a privilege. If you sign up for a study you must show up or cancel the participation. If you fail to cancel your participation before the deadline you will be marked as a no-show. If you receive two no-shows, you will be barred from participating in further studies for the semester.