Psychology Department Sona System

Access the UCCS Psychology Department Sona System for Research Participation 


Participants will use this system to sign-up to participate in studies.  UCCS students can earn extra credit for participating in studies through the Sona system. Students have the opportunity to allocate extra credit earned to any psychology course throughout their undergraduate career at UCCS. Students have the opportunity to assign the extra credit to any course they wish or have the extra credit carry over to another semester by assigning their extra credit to the extra credit bank. Students have until the day before finals begin to assign their extra credit to the course of choice or to the bank. Once finals begin, students will not have the ability to change the course to which their extra credit is assigned. Non-UCCS students can also sign-up for studies through the Sona system.

Participant Information

*Students under 18 years old in a Psychology course with a Sona extra credit requirement are to complete alternate research assignments.  Please review your course

syllabus or contact your professor for further guidance on the alternate research assignment in lieu of Sona participation.



Only researchers associated with the Psychology Department may utilize the Sona System. Researchers use this system to announce their research studies including available time slots. Researchers may use Sona with online studies (administered through the management system or through a different link) or with studies run in person. Researchers are responsible for granting extra credit or no-show status for each participant.

Researcher Information
Sona System Researcher Tutorial
How to Reserve Research Rooms at the Lane Center

Contact Sona System Administrator

Ms. Laura Chandler
Psychology Department
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Phone: 719-255-4661