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Daniel L. Segal, PhD

Daniel L. Segal, PhD


Clinical Supervisor

Columbine Hall 4015

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Office Hours

SPRING 2018:
Tuesday:  11:00am-12:00pm
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Professor Daniel L. Segal joined the faculty at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 1995. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Clinical Psychology, maintains an active program of clinical research, and mentors graduate and undergraduate students in his Aging & Mental Health Lab. He was the founding Director of the UCCS Aging Center and currently serves as a clinical supervisor for students in training at the Center. Dr. Segal served as the UCCS Psychology Department Director of Clinical Training from 2007 to 2014.

Areas of Interest

Dr. Segal's research program targets topics in the area of mental health and aging. His specific interests include:

• diagnostic and assessment issues in clinical psychology and geropsychology
• suicide risk and resilience in later life
• anxiety in later life
• barriers to mental health services
• the expression and impact of personality disorders across the lifespan

Dr. Segal is a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America, an Associate Editor for the Clinical Gerontologist, and Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Case Studies. He serves on the editorial boards of two other journals (Behavior Modification; Assessment). He has published over 150 peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters and 5 professional books.


Postdoctoral Fellow in Clinical Geropsychology, Nova Southeastern University, 1992-1993
PhD Clinical Psychology, University of Miami (APA Accredited), 1992
Clinical Psychology Intern (APA Accredited), Nova University Community Mental Health Center, 1991-1992
BS Psychology (Cum Laude), Tulane University, 1987


Professor Segal teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Clinical Psychology and Clinical Geropsychology, and has received two teaching awards at UCCS.

Courses Taught

PSY 3280 - Abnormal Psychology
PSY 3860 - Theories of Psychotherapy
PSY 6620 - Clinical Geropsychology II
PSY 6740 - Clinical Practicum (Aging Center)
PSY 6780 - Advanced Psychopathology
PSY 6850 - Clinical Interviewing and Personality Assessment

Honors and Awards

Chancellor's Award for the UCCS Campus, 2014
Outstanding Research Award for the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, 2010
Outstanding Teaching Award for the UCCS Campus, 2006
Outstanding Teaching Award for the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, 2002


1993-present, American Psychological Association (APA)
1993-present, APA Division 12 (Clinical Psychology)
1995-present, APA Division 2 (Teaching of Psychology)
1996-present, Gerontological Society of America (GSA)
1997-present, APA Division 12, Section II (Society of Clinical Geropsychology)
2010-present, APA Division 20 (Adult Development and Aging)


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Journal Articles

Gould, C., Segal, D. L., Yochim, B. P., Pachana, N. A., Byrne, G. J., & Beaudreau, S. A. (2014). Measuring anxiety in late life: A psychometric examination of the Geriatric Anxiety Inventory and Geriatric Anxiety Scale. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 28, 804-811.

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Psychologist, State of Colorado
Psychologist, State of Florida

Representative and Recent Service/Leadership Roles

UCCS Department of Psychology, Director of Clinical Training (2007-2014)
Past-Chair, Council of Professional Geropsychology Training Programs (2012)
Chair, Council of Professional Geropsychology Training Programs (2011)
Chair-Elect, Council of Professional Geropsychology Training Programs (2010)
Member-at-Large, Council of Professional Geropsychology Training Programs (2007-2009)
Delegate for the National Conference on Training in Professional Geropsychology (2006)

Curriculum Vitae

Daniel L. Segal, PhD