Political Science Graduate Courses

Examination of historical origins, policy evolution, and future prospects of the US civilian space program. Meets with PSC 4150.

  • 3 Credits

Study of the ways in which the international community reacts to environmental problems of a transboundary nature. Examination of theoretical frameworks used, policies developed, actors involved and analysis of a number of important cases and issues in international environmental politics. Meets with PSC 4290.

  • 3 Credits

Each semester that the seminar is offered a different area of political science will be the focus of intensive study and analysis.

  • 3 Credits

Intended to give an opportunity for advanced students with good scholastic records and with appropriate courses completed to pursue independently the study of some subject of special interest. Subjects are chosen and arrangements are made to suit the needs of each student. Prer., Senior standing, 15 semester hours of political science and consent of instructor.

  • 1 to 6 Credits

Studies are undertaken concerning the practice of law or the administration of justice while the student has full or part-time employment with a law office, court, prosecutor, public defender, administrative hearing officer, or other individual or agency involved with the practice of law or the administration of justice. Prer., Consent of instructor; above average score on LSAT; and Senior status.

  • 3 to 6 Credits