Healthcare Students

Employers are required to provide training on hazard communication as well as other topics based on the employee's potential for exposure.  Students who are engaged in clinicals and/or un-paid internships are often left out of these trainings.  EHS has attempted to provide a broad overview of hazard communication and blood borne pathogen training for students engaged in clinicals and/or un-paid internships.

Students should also seek additional guidance/training from the location where they are performing their clinical(s) and/or un-paid internships.

Training is only available online in Canvas. You can self-enroll for these courses, simply click the links below.

The courses you need to take are:


EHS - Hazard Comm Bloodborne Pathogen Trng - Health Care Students

After you review the course material you will need to complete the online quiz.  Upon successful completion of the quiz (70% or higher), you will receive a certificate.  That certificate should be provided to your supervisor (digital copies are fine).

If you have any questions or if you do not have a UCCS canvas account, please contact Cindy Norton x 3212 cnorton@uccs.ed

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