On-Line EHS Safety Videos

Online Videos

We offer a variety of videos online for your convenience. Click on the video title below to view on YouTube. Click on the link under Related Information.

Video Title & Description Link
A Day in the Lab (a PI's Perspective): Overview of keeping the lab safe from the perspective of a Principal Investigator who encounters different safety scenarios with students
Experimenting with Danger: Hazards associated with conducting research at chemical laboratories in academic institutions
Proper use of fume hood: Brief but thorough review of safe operation of a laboratory hood
Hazard Assessment: Basic guidelines for hazard assessment as a part of developing SOPs
Hazardous Waste Management Safety: Guidelines for management & disposal of campus chemical waste
Pipette Safety & Ergonomics: Prevent repetitive injury while pipetting in the laboratory
Retractable Bollard Safety: Procedures for operating bollards on campus
Splash Zone: Protecting oneself in the "chemical splash zone" of the laboratory
To be (Safe) or Not to Be: Rationale for safety procedures and personal protective equipment (PPE) in undergraduate lab setting