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Dual Use Research of Concern

This is a series of brief videos developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) that introduce definitions and aspects of Export Controls that are commonly encountered in academic settings. To access a specific video, press "Play", click on "Playlist" in the top left corner, and then select the video of interest. Each video runs, on average, for approximately 5 minutes.

DURC-Export Control Training Videos

DURC Companion Guide and Additional Resources


A Companion Guide, entitled Tools for the Identification, Assessment, Management, and Responsible Communication of Dual Use Research of Concern, has been developed to assist institutions, investigators, and Institutional Review Entities in the development of policies and practices for the effective oversight of DURC and in the execution of some of the required steps for institutional review and oversight. Sections of the Companion Guide are intended for different audiences, depending on who is involved at different stages in the process for institutional review and oversight of DURC.

The Companion Guide’s appendices include a set of documents intended to assist institutions and others in understanding DURC and the DURC oversight policies more fully, as well as assist in the implementation of different requirements of the policies. Use of the templates provided in the appendices is completely optional, and, if used, institutions may edit and amend the templates to fit their needs. This Companion Guide will be updated, as warranted, based on the experience of institutions and USG funding agencies in implementing the Policy for Institutional DURC Oversight and the March 2012 DURC Policy.

To assist researchers and institutions in implementing and complying with the policy, a number of other education and training tools have been developed.  These include:

  • Case studies which demonstrate the type of analysis that should be brought to bear during institutional reviews of DURC and highlight important administrative steps in the DURC review process;
  • Training slide set which provides an overview of the US Government Policy for Institutional Oversight of Life Sciences Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC). The slides may be used to promote understanding of the issues associated with dual use research in the life sciences; highlight the importance of the need for responsible conduct and oversight of such research, and educate on the specific requirements of individuals and entities under the Policy;

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