Custom Training

EHS can work with your organization to develop environmental, health & safety training which is appropriate to your operations. If you are interested in discussing your training needs with an EHS representative - call 255-3212 or email.

In addition, the SkillSoft - CU Learning Center training system also offers on-line training for individuals who may want to learn more about a specific topic.

SkillSoft - CU Learning Center

To access EHS courses on SkillSoft:

  1. Logon to the MyUCCS Portal
  2. Click on "Skillsoft"
  3. Select "Start SkillSoft"
  4. Click the specific campus you want to review training for. The technical information in many of these courses are good although the specific operational pieces may vary from campus to campus.
  5. For generic training - select "Library" in the upper left hand corner
  6. Under Skillport - select "Compliance"
  7. Select the "Environmental Health & Safety" Folder
  8. Select the appropriate course from the list provided or use the search button to look for specific topic
  9. You must complete and submit the quiz to receive credit for the course.
  10. This will take you to generic courses developed to address a wide range of topics - pick "Health & Safety" or "Environmental"