Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) problems can result from many causes. While mold growth has received considerable attention, it is not the only cause of indoor air quality complaints. 

Read our IAQ Guide to understand more about indoor air quality concerns.

Reporting Instructions

If you have an IAQ complaint, but do not have related health symptoms, call the Facilities Management (FMP) Service Desk at (719) 255-3313 and report the problem.

If you have an IAQ complaint and suffer related health symptoms, call Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at (719) 255-3201 or (719) 255-3212 or email or and report the problem.

Report all water intrusion events IMMEDIATELY to the FMP Service Desk. To the extent known, include information on the source and approximate quantity, affected areas, water-damaged materials, and whether the source has been controlled. Clean water left for more than 24-48 hours can lead to mold growth.

Events involving sewage backflows are very serious. Report the problem IMMEDIATELY to FMP and do not attempt to clean or remove affected materials. FMP will manage the response.

Caution: Electrical shock hazard may exist during water/sewage releases.

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