Laser Safety

If you will be using lasers in your work at UCCS, contact EHS. Most lasers used at UCCS will require registration. Obtain the laser classification from the manufacturer before registering. Lasers with a specific energy range or specification may fit the description of a particular classification, but you should still refer to the manufacturer who is obligated to classify the laser. Indicate modifications and the configuration to be used to properly classify.

When preparing to set up a laboratory where lasers will be used, post the appropriate signage for the laser hazard (refer to laser classification for guidance on proper signage) (may depend on configuration) and make certain that lab personnel are provided with appropriate training and eye protection.

For more information refer to the OSHA Technical Guidance document laser section regarding Laser Hazards.

Laser Safety Training - This course offered in Canvas is designed to provide awareness of the fundamentals of hazards and controls for laser systems.