Emergency Management supports the University's core mission of teaching, research, and service by providing the comprehensive management of all-hazards risks for the University community. It is our responsibility to reasonably protect life, property, and the environment from the effects of emergency or disaster incidents on the campus. We are also responsible for coordinating emergency management activities that eliminate or reduce hazardous events, and for the mitigation of, preparation for, response to, and recovery from such events.

For questions, comments, or concerns regarding preparedness on campus, please contact us via email at, or by phone at 719.255.3106.


UCCSAlerts Emergency Notification System



  • Campus Emergency Operations Plans
  • Floor Coordinator Planning Template
  • Training and Planning Resources
  • Continuity of Operations Planning Tools

Emergency Communications

  • Campus Emergency Notifications
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Reverse 911 Registration
  • Community Contacts and Resources

Personal Preparedness

  • Make Your Plan
  • Build Your Kit
  • Get Involved
  • Stay Informed

Campus Health Information

  • Additional information or announcements surrounding an incident, emergency, or announcements from the Department of Public Safety