Accidents and Near Misses

If there is an accident, injury or near miss on campus, EHS and Risk Management need to know about it. If it is an inury from work or work-related activities, follow the instructions for a Worker's Compensation Claim. If there is not injury, or the injury does not fall under Worker's Comp, please fill out the form below. Employees will be free from any reprisals for reporting accidents. These reports lead to corrective actions and suggestions regarding possible improvements that reduce the chance of the incdient happening to someone else and improve overall safety in the workplace.

Worker's Comp Claim

If you are injured at work, you should file a Worker's Comp claim online. You must file an online worker's compensation claim form within 4 days of the injury or exposure. Go to the University Risk Management website,, to complete and submit the claim form.  If you have questions, contact University Risk Management - Jamie Duvall at (719) 255-3525.

If there was no injury or the injury does not fall under Worker's Comp, please complete the Accident - Near Miss Reporting Form