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UCCS PLTW Dual Credit

Earn UCCS dual college credit while in high school for a reduced rate of $102/credit hour.

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To be eligible, students must be enrolled in the PLTW course for one academic year and attend a PLTW High School.

Dual Credit Application

Payment is due at time of registration. A service fee on credit card/debit card transactions in the amount of 2.75% of the credit card/debit card payment will be charged on your student account. Visit Bursar Office for additional information.

Dates to Remember

Once the registration period for a course has passed, it is too late to sign up for dual credit. Accreditation rules prohibit retroactively granting credit.
  • January 2018: High School Application Opens, Registration Starts
  • TBD: High School Census Date (Payment due in full), Registration Closes

Requirements for High School Students to Receive Undergraduate Credit

  • PLTW Teacher must have completed the appropriate Core Training for the course he/she is offering
  • Most current curriculum must be utilized, not just using one module or activity
  • The student must be enrolled for the college credit via UCCS in the current year he/she is taking the course (registration will be January/February) as the PLTW are traditionally year-long courses.
  • The student must complete the End of Course (EoC) assessment from PLTW and must receive at least a 5 on the EoC. (Ranges from 1-9 on the EoC).
  • No refunds granted for students who receive below 5 on the EoC assessment. (Similar to a student taking an AP exam and not receiving a refund if the student doesn't score high enough for college credit.)
  • The student's college transcript grade will be weighed in a 50/50 formula. EoC= 50% of the college grade and PLTW Assignments, Exams, Other Coursework = 50% (We are still working on the way the EoC will be allocated as part of the grade for 50%).

UCCS PLTW Preferred Admittance


In order to enroll in engineering courses, the student must be admitted to the College of Engineering and Applied Science, in addition to the University, as described in the Admissions section of the UCCS Academic Catalog.

Admission Requirements

  • Rank in the upper 30th percentile of their high school graduating class
  • ACT composite score of 25 or above or an SAT composite score of 1120 or above

Students who meet these requirements are assured admission to the College.

Expected High School Coursework

  • English: 4 course units
  • Math: 4 course units; at least two years algebra, one year geometry, one year advanced math
  • Natural Science: 3 course units; one year physics, one year chemistry
  • Social Science: 2 course units; government, history, economics, psychology, sociology
  • Foreign language: 2 course units, all in a single language
  • Academic electives: 1 course unit

Students successfully completing three Project Lead The Way (PLTW) courses with a "B" average (two Foundation and one specialization course) and meeting the above criteria will be granted preferred admission for the following majors: Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Education, and Mechanical Engineering. [Foundation courses: Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering].

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs College of Engineering and Applied Science has created 2 new bachelor degree programs specifically for STEM students and careers.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Education

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Education

Become a STEM Teacher! This is a hands-on teaching degree.

  • Preparing secondary teachers (grades 7-12)
  • PLTW students save time and money: preferred admission with PLTW courses applying directly to required college courses
  • Begin teaching in the classroom your first semester
  • Graduate sooner- 4 year degree including student teaching
  • Graduate ready for teacher licensure in math and science


Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics and Systems Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics and Systems Engineering

Data Analytics and Systems Engineering (DASE) is an interdisciplinary field about processes and large systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms. Begins Fall 2017

  • Learn algorithms & analytics designed to synthesize answers from "big data" sets
  • Apply mathematical methods & models to data challenges in a variety of industries
  • Develop a logical & structured approach to real-world problem solving
  • Access summer internships for students with local high technology companies


The Data Analytics and Systems Engineering Scholarship is offered to full-time undergraduate students in the College of Engineering and Applied Science majoring in Data Analytics and Systems Engineering. The scholarships are based off academic qualifications of the recipient without regard to financial need. Several scholarships are available to first-year students enrolling in the Fall 2017 semester. Typical award amounts range from $500 - $1,000. For more information, contact Christopher Nelson, Assistant Dean, dase@uccs.edu.


PLTW Credit Transcript

To request a UCCS transcript for your PLTW dual credit course as a current or former student, visit UCCS Admissions and Records at www.uccs.edu/registrar/transcripts.