Middle School Gateway

The Gateway Academy workshop aims to ignite an interest in STEM topics for students grades 5-8.

Incorporating PLTW's project-based, hands-on approach to STEM learning, Gateway Academy includes both individual and team activities and projects that allow students to use the latest technology for problem solving.

Summer 2017 Gateway Academy Courses: June 4-8, 2018

Registration open to all students grades 5th-8th. Limited to 24 students per workshop.


PLTW GATEWAY Academy Courses

June 4-8, 2018
8:00am - noon

$125 (includes $25 non-refundable registration fee)
Registration Closes May 31, 2018

Skyview Middle School
6350 Windom Peak Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO 80923
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Medical Detectives Workshop

Students play the role of real-life medical detectives as they analyze genetic testing results to diagnose disease and study DNA evidence found at a "crime scene." They solve medical mysteries through hands-on projects and labs, investigate how to measure and interpret vital signs, and learn how the systems of the human body work together to maintain health.

Instructor: Megan Rasmusen
Room: POD 602

Automation and Robotics Workshop

Students trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics as they learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems. Students use the VEX Robotics™ platform to design, build, and program real-world objects such as traffic lights, toll booths, and robotic arms.


Instructor: Jay Bonser

Food will not be provided; snacks are allowed to be brought in by students.