PLTW Conference 2014

The Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Conference is a professional development conference designed to inform school administrators, teachers, counselors, industry leaders, and others about the PLTW program and provide them information they can utilize to encourage students to enroll in PLTW courses and industry leaders to support such PLTW programs.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014: PLTW Conference 2014

PLTW Conference 2014
Thursday, September 25, 2014
8:00am - 5:00pm

Embassy Suites | 7290 Commerce Center Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Keynote Speaker: 'Monster' Mike Schultz

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Parking at the hotel is complimentary. If additional parking is needed, you may do so in the office parking lot of Commerce Center 1 on the west side of the hotel.
Check-in begins at 7:45am

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NENG 7000
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Cost: $125 (includes light breakfast and lunch)

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Keynote Speaker (Ballroom)
We are pleased to announce that 'Monster' Mike Schultz will be our keynote speaker at the 2014 PLTW Colorado Conference!
The full length 45-minute video is available to watch at

In order to access the video, teachers will need to sign up for a membership and pay the fee to watch any of the films and download the corresponding teaching materials.
Time: 8:15am-9:00am view Session 1 »

Conference Session 1 (9:20am-10:05am)

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Topic Administrators Teachers Counselors Industry
LMS Success (Room A)
Speaker: Vic Dreier x x    
Developing Partnerships (Room C)
Presentation: Business Industry Partnerships
Speaker: Judy D'Amico x x x x
Getting Started with PLTW (Pikes Peak Conference Room)
Speaker: Gwen Shuster-Haynes x x x  

Conference Session 2 (10:20am-11:05am)

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Topic Administrators Teachers Counselors Industry
Promote, Promote, Promote! (Room A)
Speakers: Jennifer Cahill & Gwen Shuster-Haynes x x x x
Developing Partnerships (Room C)
Presentation: Business Industry Partnerships
Speaker: Judy D'Amico x x x x
Certification Visits & Dual Credit (Pikes Peak Conference Room)
Presentation: Certification Visits & Dual Credit
Speakers: Aubrey Johns & Dan Hoff x x x  

Conference Session 3 (11:20am-12:05pm)

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Topic Administrators Teachers Counselors Industry
Promote, Promote, Promote! (Room A)
Speakers: Jennifer Cahill & Gwen Shuster-Haynes x x x x
Colorado Governor's Blueprint & How It Affects PLTW (Room C)
Presentation: Colorado Governor's Blueprint & STEM Roadmap
Speaker: Jennifer Jirous x x x x
VEX Tips & Tricks (Pikes Peak Conference Room)
Speaker: Dustin Lux   x    
Lunch (12:05pm-12:50pm)
Lunch & Learn in the Hotel Atrium | Reflect Share & Network!

Conference Session 4 (12:50pm-1:35pm)

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Topic Administrators Teachers Counselors Industry
GTT & Launch Winning Strategies (Room A)
Speakers: Vic Dreier & Gwen Shuster-Haynes x x x x
Engineering Winning Strategies (Room C)
Presentations: Engineering Winning Strategies | Creativity Grant Project
Speakers: Michael Cengia & Robb Sommerfeld x x x x
Biomedical Sciences Winning Strategies (Pikes Peak Conference Room)
Presentation: Katie Law-Balding
Speakers: Katie Law-Balding & Brett Humphries x x x x

Conference Session 5 (1:50pm-2:35pm)

« view Session 4 view Session 6 »
Topic Administrators Teachers Counselors Industry
Ordering Supplies for PLTW (Room A)
Speaker: Vic Dreier   x    
STEMsCO & You! (Room C)
Speakers: Dianne Kingsland & Brad McClain x x x x
Thinking about CSE? (Pikes Peak Conference Room)
Speaker: Bill Petry x x x  

Conference Session 6 (2:50pm-3:35pm)

« view Session 5
Topic Administrators Teachers Counselors Industry
Student Recruitment & Involvement (Room A)
Presentations: Recruiting and Retaining Students | IB HEALTH SCIENCES (LIGHTS) Application | IB HEALTH SCIENCES (LIGHTS) Interview Questions
Speakers: Suzanne Acheson & Sharee Blunt x x x  
Enhancing Your STEM Pipeline (Room C)
Speakers: Jennifer Jirous & John Wilson x x x x
CSI: The Real World (Pikes Peak Conference Room)
Speaker: Commander John San Agustin   x    
Networking (3:35pm-4:00pm)
Organized Networking in the Atrium | Launch, GTT, ENG, and BMS tables
Closing (4:00pm-4:15pm)
Closing Session in Ballroom
  • Recognition & Awards
  • Turn in Networking Sheet to be entered in Promo Prize Pack
  • Exchange of Certificates

PLTW Conference Topics

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mike Schultz's 45-minute video Presentation
Biomedical Science Winning Strategies | View/Download Presentation
PLTW's Biomedical Science is gaining much attention, not only across the nation, but within Colorado! More and more schools are becoming a part of the PLTW BMS program and are seeing success of their own. Coming to this session will allow you to learn from dynamos in this program as they share what worked, how they made it work, and how they plan on implementing in the coming year.
Certification Visits & Dual Credit | View/Download Presentation
Is it time for your school to become certified or re-certified? Come learn about the certification process to ease your stress and promote success within your building. Additionally, learn how a school district paid for all of its high school student's dual credit!
Colorado Governor's Blueprint & How it Affects PLTW | View/Download Presentation
Have you wondered how PLTW ties in with the Colorado Governor's Blueprint? This session provides information on how the PLTW curriculum you are teaching is beneficial to your school and district. Questions are welcome!
CSI: The Real World | Session 6
Many disciplines are utilized throughout every criminal case. This session will present an actual homicide case which will walk through a crime scene investigation while explaining the various disciplines associated with the process. This includes DNA, pathology, physical evidence, cause and manner, crime scene reconstruction and much more. This session will also present unique ideas on how to attract a myriad of students to your Biomedical Science PLTW courses.
Developing Partnerships | View/Download Presentation
It is imperative that educators, nonprofits, policymakers, and private companies come together to stimulate interest in STEM fields and nurture the required competencies. PLTW is the catalyst for this movement. Come learn how PLTW is building and expanding partnerships with Business and Industry to address our nation's STEM workforce demands. You will also learn how to build and leverage the role of a Partnership Team in your own school to maximize the learning experience of your students.
Engineering Winning Strategies | View/Download Presentation
PLTW's Engineering program has grown to be successful across the nation through the years, impacting thousands of lives, thanks to teachers, counselors, administrators, and industry like yourself! Participating in this session will allow you to become exposed to some of the winning strategies that those in this program have experienced first-hand. Curriculum approaches and enhancers will be shared by veterans in the engineering program.
Enhancing Your STEM Pipeline | View/Download Presentation
PLTW allows unique and stimulating ways to expose youth to STEM fields. Honing in on this excitement while students are still young is key! This session will cover the opportunities within PLTW to strengthen your school/district STEM pipeline, while discussing how it aligns with regional industry needs.
Getting Started with PLTW | Session 1
This session will provide information to school personnel looking to implement one or more of the PLTW programs. PLTW offers five unique hands-on STEM programs that allows for vibrant K-12 STEM pipelines. From elementary Launch, through middle school Gateway, to three high school programs: Biomedical Science, Computer Science, and Engineering, learn strategies that will help your program begin strong and become sustainable.
GTT & Launch Winning Strategies | Session 4
Launch's four modules per-grade format allow schools a myriad of possibilities. Learn about STEM centered, in-school, and after-school implementation strategies. Also, when it comes to middle school Gateway units have you ever wondered which work best with sixth, seventh, or eighth graders? This workshop will be chock-full of ideas about how to implement PLTW and help you discover what approach will work best in your school!
LMS Success | Session 1
This session will cover how to utilize and navigate the Learning Management system (LMS) with PLTW Curriculum. This session is intended to provide you with additional support to successfully navigate the LMS to ultimately provide you greater success managing your classroom.
Ordering Supplies for PLTW | Session 5
Ordering supplies for your PLTW classes can seem daunting, but come and learn how to make it less painful while making the best use of your time!
Promote, Promote, Promote! | Session 2 | Session 3
PLTW Schools are full of great stories, but they often don't get told. In fact, many communities are not even aware that their schools offer the nation's leading STEM education program. Come learn how to brand, promote, and share the successes of your school or district's PLTW program to bring awareness to the excellent work being done in your classrooms!
STEMsCO & You! | Session 5
Come and learn about the first STEM BOCES, and services like STEM Harmony, that you can take advantage of! This session will provide the tools to enhance your school and district's ability to network with industry professionals and other like-minded individuals within STEM!
Student Recruitment & Involvement | View/Download Presentation
Learn student recruitment techniques from two model PLTW schools from the Denver Metro area! You will be exposed to examples of successful student involvement techniques that have proven to work (STEM camps, student stores, etc.). Bring your pen and paper... you'll want to jot down these ideas!
Thinking about CSE? | View/Download Presentation
Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSE) is a dynamic class that you can add to your Engineering pipeline! Come learn about what this class entails and consider it for your own program. You may also consider adding CSE as a pathway of its own, with more computer science classes to come. Participants in this session will also create an app ~ don't miss out!
VEX Tips & Tricks | Session 3
Need a refresher on VEX Robotics? Are you just now starting to implement VEX into your classroom? Enhance your VEX skills by attending this session!