Senior Thesis Authors

Carmick, Therese
The Postmodern Question: Art Without Beauty
Choi, Kyung S.
Capitalist Spirituality
Rorty, Richard
Universality or Moral Sentiment: The Ethics of Cardinal Ratzinger, Jurgen Habermas and Riachrd Rorty
Diernger, Tara
The Teleology of Evolution
Galletta, Olivia
Nagarjuna: An Evaluation of Buddhist Universal Truth, Nihilism, and Semantic Non-Dualism
Jacobs, Kirstyn
Divisions in Natural Law: An Argument for the Exclusion of the New Natural Law Theory
Messenger, Zachery
The Aesthetic Values of Instrumental Music
Padilla, Alexandra
Religion of Love?
Coon, Garrett
Libert, Justice, Equality: The Promise of a Guaranteed Minimum Income
Denning, Matthew
A Reconsideration of Existential Nihilism
Garguiulo, Whitney
Defining the Moral Permissibility of Suicide and Self-Sacrifice as Determined by Christianity and Japanese Buddhism
Gilbert, Jesse
A Critique of the Second Axial Age
Hambline, Jack
Daoism and Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life
Lee, Esther
Our Moral Obligation Towards Non-Human Animals Used For Food and Fur
O'Day, Ashley
Introspection is not Dead: The Endurance of the Concept as a Tool of the Scientific. A Human Understanding Through Time and Psychological Scrutiny
Roundy, Norman
After Contingency
Westerbur, Summer
The Relationship Between Economic and Political Inequality Following the American Psychological Associations Guidelines
Walker, Edward
Kant and the Cognitive Framework: A Capacity for an Infinite Number of Experimental Relations
Wicker, Sarah
Cognition: Culminations of Artificial and Natural Experience in the Modern World
Emerson, Nathan
Concerning the Problem of Language
Fuentes, Andrea J.
The Ethical Dilemma of Supererogation
Behr, Tara Rae
Virtue Ethics: Our Vulnerable Nature
Blush, Justin
Language and the Individual Within Society: An Inquiry into Linguistic and the Radical Equality that Lies Within
Burley, Dean
The Existence of Spirituality in Modern Bushido
Cornwell, Cosette
Is Suicide Justifiable
Dwelis, Mark
The Cure
Foltz, Brian
The Existence of Self
Guzman, Andrew
The Philosophy of Selfishness
Liese, Tyson
The Methodology of American Democracy
Medina, Raul Alejandro
Attaining Freedom Through Consciousness
Schmidt, Kevin K.
The Ethical Implications and Permissibility of Financial Incentives and Markets for Living-Donor Organ Donation
Sanders, Kelly
What Makes Good Behavior and Action?
Winter, Ryan
Philosophizing with a Shovel: Digging up the Conceptual Analysis of Western Anthropocentrism
Woods, John
Moving from Certainty to Uncertainty
Zahler, Ryan
Applying Stoic Philosophy to Alleviate the Fear of Death and Sadness
Alvarez, Jessica
The World Is Other People: An Exploration of Existentialist Ethics
Eaton, Steve
Dogs and Cats in the Library
Harnar, W. Greg
Cognitive Dissonance and Self-Deception
Ramsay, Phillip
Plato, Thomas Jefferson, and the Freedom of Speech
Tabib, Mia Laleh
Intuition: a philosophical discussion
Bishop, Alec
Social Gadfly: Socratic Influence on the Role of the Philosopher in Society
Bucifal, Kristina
Acknowledging Suicide as More than Being Condemned
Chroneos, Lauren May
Exhibit "A"-poptosis: Death as Biological
Clay, Hannah Elizabeth
The Gay's Science
Coomes, Russell Lee
Digital Authenticity: An Existential Critique of Emerging Technologies
Dine, Taylor
Perspectives and Knowledge: A Comparative Analysis of Plato's Allegory of the Cave
Jayde, Yunique Matchem
Morality's Evolution to Practicality: An Analysis of the Historical and Contemporary Theories of Social Contract
Lee, Michael
Philosophy and Science Fiction
Nichols, Samuel
Returning to Primitive Christianity
Acharamowicz, Kellyanne T.
The United States of America Government Fails in the Prevention of Suicide to Military Service Members and Veterans
Brockell, Alec
Moral Error Theory, Ethical Nihilism and Moral Absolutism
Coleman, Easton
On Freedom
Hampton, Lucas
An Investigation of the Emergence of Symbolic Behavior
Mikulas, Robert (Bobby) W.
The Communal Epoche:  A Means of Affirming, Rejecting, or Refining Beliefs
Sanchez, Michael
LGBTQ Topics in Public Education
Sells, Sam
Forging Forgiving Friendships
Sullivan, Patrick
The Irreducible Dimension: Phenomenology of the Self
Brown, Michael Timothy
On Obligations to Interventions: Ethical Justifications to Provide Aid
Conly, Andrew
Criminal Cannabis: An Historical Overview of the Legality of Marijuana with Practical and Philosophical Grounds for Reevaluation
Haddock, Rachel
Philosophical Landscapes of Flesh and Spirit
Montecalvo, Christina Marie Curry
Dark Optimism: Buddhism and Existentialism on Awakening and Authentic Ethics
Wuol, Duop Chak
The Clash of Philosophical Doctrines in Non-Democratic African States
Eslinger, Linda
My Bikeride to Nowhere
Frazier, Daniel J.
Toward the Use of Quantum Mechanics in Ethical Theory
McDavid, Patrick
Spoken Worlds: Language and Culture's Creation of Reality
Laput, Alex
The Dichotomy Between Mind and Body in Contemporary Medecine: Viewpoints, Problems, and Resolutions
Peterson, Rachel Joy
Helen of Troy: Beauty, Terrible Beauty!
Davidson, Aaron
A Study in the Effects of Name Dropping and Usage of Philosophical Jargon on Student Success. Or The Epistemologies of Kant and Nietzsche. The Insufferable Effects of Transcendental Nihilism
Foote, Spencer
Relationship Theory: From the Social Contract to Everyday Relationships
Kent, Steffani, M.
The Place of Rational Intuition in Philosophical Inquiry
Reynolds, Polina
The Precautionary Principle: A Vital Contribution to Resolving the GMO Dilemma
Menkhus, Rebecca
Serious Side Effects May Occur: The Problem with Direct-To-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs
Asakawa, Joann
Alleviating Religious Conflict: Rethinking Religion in a Postmodern Context
Hinkenhouse, Rebecca
Abortion: An Ethical Decision
Jeffery, George Brandon
A Thesis on the Philosophical Examination of Homosexuality
Law, David
Beyond the Metanarrative: Science in Heterogeneity
McDonnell, Timothy R.
Virtual Reality and Social Networking: A Buddhist Approach
Salas, Noel
Language: A Social Control
Spence, Katie
Bridging the Divide in Analytic and Continental Philosophy
Taylor, Hannah Katharine
From Apathy to Ataraxia: How Epicurus Can Save Our World
Anderson, Andrew
Moral Virtue and the New Global Healthcare Environment
Avila, Jenny
The Cycle of Immortality
Burton, Joseph
An Argument for Political Change: The Revolutionary Proletariat of Difference
Huff, Jonathan
Collision of Universals
Kramer, Brian
Free Will and Christian Theology: Redefining Omniscience
Norris, Adrian
The Worth of Data: Understanding Dignity in the Digital Paradigm
Overmann, Leee
Epistemology and Cognitive Science: An Inquiry into Values Cognition
Perez, Augi
The Enigma of Hope, Optimism, and Non-Attachment: From the Standpoint of Stoics and Buddhism
Vawter, Robb
Naming the Unnamed: Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger, and the Creation of Meaning
Wambold, Tristan
Compassion and Inherent Emptiness
Whalen, Travis
Embodied Meditation Practices and the Analects of Confucius
Wokurka, Brian
Mirror and Image: Symbolic Imagery in the Enneads of Plotinus
Curphy, Chelsea
The Will to Survive
Norris, Kumeko
An Argument for Balance
Philips, Amber
The Crisis of Modernity
Swinger, Rachel
Facing Death
Alaridd, Dustin
What Indeed Does Athens Have to Do With Jerusalem?
Guzman, Richard
Which Gospel Came First: Matthew or Mark?
Hjelmstad, Christine
Seeking the Immortal Soul
Hildgedick, Jamie
Fundamentalist Controversy
Lidstone, John
The Relationships of Life
Serra, Nathaniel
Mysticism: Out of Reach of Philosophy
Weidinger, Matthew
A Time for War: Ethical and Moral Concerns Within the Sphere of Modern Warfare
Anderson, Elizabeth
Chews Wisely: An Analysis Concerning Agricultural Production and Regulation
Eavenson, April Claire
Everydayness: Phenomenology, Language, and the Subtleties of Communication
Owens, Cecelia
Population Eschatology
Adams, Jim
The Luminous Ocean of Knowing and the Wise Knower of Now
Bounds, Phillip
Matter of Meaning: An Investigation in Materialism, Free Will, and Meaning
Ellison, Stacie
A Third Treatise: Re-evaluating Locke’s Theory of Property
CMartin, Sarah
Get the Balance Right: Dismantling the Conscious Mind to Create Unity
Mauss, Melanie
Anorexic Nation: How Dualism Has Exploited Feminism to Result in Anorexia Nervosa in the United States
Parrish, Meagan
A Reflection on Aesthetic Thought
Plush, James
Existentialism and Utilitarianism: The Foundations of a New Ethical System
Schultz, Raymond
Refuting Traditions: Applications of Dialectics to the Gene
Foster, Jesse
When Harry Met Sally: A Cognitive Exploration Indexing Their Beliefs—and Yours
McLean, Traci
Environmental Aesthetics
Rush, Michael
Mindful Materialization: A Bridge Back to the Self
Bernal, Jose
Calvin's Baby Talk
Cook, Chase
Putting the “Me” Back in Treatment: Philosophically Validating a Holistic Approach to Psychology Using Epicurus and Augustine
Dagg, Jason
Ethics in Dreaming
Davis, Johanna Campanaro
Pre-Employment Testing: Unethical and Unnecessary
DiFiore, Laura
Busting the Myth: The Use and Misuse of Myth in Historical Philosophy
Evans, Joseph
A Theory of Emotion in the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
Fonley, Heidi-Jo
Gods of the Rational and Empirical: An Investigation of Descartes and Hume
Garcia, Lana
Contemporary Art: The Manifestation of the Link Between Emotion and Reason
Held, Andrea
Paralyzed Souls of the Righteous
Higashi, Aaron
Of Roses and Rebellions: A Critical Examination of the Viability and Composition of Postmodern Atheism’s Arguments Against Established Religious Traditions of the Western World
Luttrell, Aaron J.P.
The Imaginary in the Realm of Philosophy
Matheson, Alexander
Rehabilitation in the Modern Prison System
Mueller, Johanna
Finding Love: A Simple Theory in a Complex World
Palmer, Eva
Society Mediation: From One Extreme to the Other
Parkhurst, Travis
Tearing Down the Illusion of the Non-Self: Arguments Against Buddhist Non-Self Theory
Paul, dTabitha
Closed Into Religion: Individual Preference in a Rural System
Reed IV, George Giff
Let’s Hug This Out: Reconciling Derrida’s Deconstruction with Evangelical Christianity
Sharkey, Alex B.
The Philosopher’s Guide of Poker: Existing Outside the Modern Paradigm
Siebert, M. Nate
The Question of Reference
Sparks, Jonathan
I Feel, Therefore I Intuit
Van Gorder, Amanda
The Moral Question
Worden, Jennifer:
Militant Islam V. the World
Detwiler, James
Plato's Soul: Redefining the Attributes
Marshall, Cassandra
Analysis of the Contemporary Human-Equine Relationship
Myers, Paul
Assumptions of Just-War Theory and Its Failure at Global Application
Ngugen, Jennifer
Philosophy for Children: Kids and Their Capacities Towards Moral Thought and Philosophical Ideas
Raymond, Mary
Disabled Perception in Special Education
Taylor, Corinne
The End of the World …As We Know It
Tyler, Janeal
Beckmann, Kathryn
Reality and the Limitations Imposed by perception and Subjectivity
Bibler, Jason
The Church of the Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: An Analysis of Infallibility, Immutability, and Truth
Brewer, Charita
Standardization: Moving Away from Practical Learning and Philosophy
Cowles, Jordan
The Positive Limitations of the Role of Solitude in Literature
Hagan, Catherine
Liberation Theology: A Critique of Marxist Catholicism as Prescription for Revolution
Kiper, Jordan
Defining Peace
Kulpinski, Benjamin
The Transmission of Truth with Formal Systems and Language
Sprung, Melissa
Memorials: Abstract Versus Realistic Depictions
Takahashi, Troy
Teachers Conforming to School Needs
Nina: Gregory of Nyssa:
Why His Trinitarian Doctrine Is Incomplete

Hudgens, Julia Marie
The Misogynist Myth: Friedrich Nietzsche Revisited

Lotz, Valerie
Feminist Fusion

Poole, Sabrina
Faith and Feminism--Finding a Feminist Judaism
Best, Jonathan
A Hobo in a Monk’s Robe: A Philosophical Analysis of the Beat Generation
Carranza, Genevieve
Secular Morality Reexamined
Cordova, Zach
Can One Know the Existence of God?
Freers, Kraig
Freers’ Precipice
Lick, Chris
An Antirealist Analysis of Truth: Progress Notwithstanding
Miller, Benjamin
Perpetual Revolution
Trotter, Chris
The Illogical Nature of God
Wagner, Rebecca
Renewing Civil Society: Solving the Disintegration of Political Space
Bain, Jackson Jacob
Hutchison, Andrew
A Discussion Around Searle’s Chinese Room Argument: Thought and Understanding in Real-World Computation
Kuzma, Joseph
Model Velocity on the Autopoetic Place: An Interpretation of Spinozist Ontology
Mann, Brian
Existentialism and the Theatre of the Absurd: How the Existential Drama of Jean- Paul Sartre and Albert Camus is Less Existential than the Theatre of the Absurd

March, Robert
Transformation of Consciousness Using Buddhist Principles to Alleviate Affliction States of Mind
Sparks, Ryan Andrew
Hegel on the Value of Art
Szczepanski, Danielle Marie
Only God Can Judge Me: The Use of Religion for Violence
Weller, II, Richard Thomas
Polyamory and the Weed of Patriarchy
Burkart, Andy
Time: An Introduction and Philosophical Critique of Special Relativity
Butcher, Matthew Paul
Karl Jaspers and Nondualism: Transcendence, Existence, Cipher, and Foundering in Jaspers’ Existenphilosophie
Cummings, Zach Scott
On Libertarianism: A Critical Analysis of the Modern Political Philosophy
Gaffney, Meghan Suzanne
The Problem of Evil and Its Relation to the Holocaust of World War II
Garland, Dayna Yvonne
Patriarchical Assumptions: The Problem of Hierarchy in Monastic Buddhism and the Need for Feminist Reconceptualization
Holden, Mari Kim
Fairness in Competition
Kragel, Amy Louise
Literary Analysis of Biblical Marriage Metaphors and the Effects They Have on 21st Century Society
Kunimoto, Katherine
Ua Mau Ke O Ka ‘Aina Ka Pono: The Philosophy of Ancient Hawaii
McBrayer, Landon Marc
An Examination of the Evidential Argument from Evil with a Consideration of the Doctrine of Hell as an Example of Pointless Evil
Odell, Jacob William
Is Emergent Mind Theory Enough to Build Artificial Intelligence
Peterson, Heather
Justifying Just War Theory
Wagner, Naomi
Synthetic Emotion: An Exploration of Consumer Culture and the Feeling of Lack
Dunn, Joshua
Film and Time
Frum, Matthew Christopher
On Buddhism
Getchey, Kyle
In God We Trust…Man’s Solitary Quest for Freedom and Peace Within a Representative System or an Honest Debate Over the Merits of Holding Another Constitutional Convention
Griffin, IV, Thomas
A Revisitation of Non-Empiricism: Political Philosophy Through the Lens of Phenomenology

Ivey, Courtney
The Concept of Solitude: The Philosophical and Psychological Theories of Solitude and the Relationship to Human Knowledge
Kendall, Jason Robert
Fire on the Mountain: The Nyaya Pentapod as Non-Syllogistic
Alvarez-Hansen, Darla
I Am Not My Life: An Existential Analysis of the Objective Life vs. the Subjective Life Through Being, Nothingness, and Immortality
Boeninger, Brian Paul
The Explanatory Gap: Limits to Objectivity
Hodges, Linda J.
Callicott’s Land Ethic: Biotic or Biased?
Johnson, Amy
The Role of Government Regulation in Scientific Research: The Case of Stem-Cell Research
Johnson, Sarah Sawn
Lucas, Jr., Tommy
Munger, Jason Ruarke
An Inquiry Into Epistemology
Poore, Justin E.
Liberal Political Philosophy: A Historical Analysis and Comparison of Welfare and Neo-Classical Liberalism
Alvarez, Teri Louise
The Problem of Consciousness
Auld, Beverly
The Strict Lines of Ethics vs. the Transcendent Lines of Business: An Examination of Business Ethics
Busby, Luke A.
A Rose By Any Other Name
Hane, Jennifer Lynn
The Role of Women in Hasidism
Holister, Benthany
Perspectives of Women's Oppression
Hume, Joyce Maynard
The Difference Principle: Blueprint for Indifference?
Kasel, Rich
Scarcity: The Hedonistic Assumption in Science and Technology