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The College Experience creates opportunities for Pre-Collegiate students to explore a variety of college campuses in the Pikes Peak Region while also learning more about academic offerings and career opportunities available to students in their pathways of choice. At these events, students learn about areas of study available at different types of colleges within the region that may be of interest to them. During these visits, students will also be able to interact with faculty from the college or university, as well as with community leaders, also known as Ambassadors, who are connected to the student’s career pathway.


Modeled after a combination of the El Pomar Foundation’s College Readiness and Success Program and Pre-Collegiate's Saturday conferences, students will participate in pathway-specific programming at UCCS, Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado College, and the United States Air Force Academy. College Experience Events take place at each campus once per year, usually on Saturdays. Programming is differentiated by grade level at each College Experience conference and is also tailored to the interests of and key skill sets for a student’s career pathway. Students may earn Pre-Collegiate participation points by attending College Experience visits.


Host Sites:

Colorado College

Pikes Peak Community College

United States Air Force Academy

University of Colorado Colorado Springs

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Ambassadors Serving Students at The College Experience                                                                                                                                                                             Ambassadors are professionals within the Pikes Peak region who have volunteered to work with groups of students at The College Experience to provide guidance, insight and mentorship through the workshop year. Ambassadors work with students from the opening session to the closing session and participate with the students in workshop sessions.

To volunteer as an Ambassador at The College Experience or to get more information, please contact Lila Hajar at Lhajar@uccs.edu or 719-255-3457.    






2019-20 Academic Year Dates:

*Dates for 2019-20 school year have not yet been confirmed however, we are anticipating The College Experience workshops to be held in these following months:

September 2019          UCCS

Oct-Nov 2019              Pikes Peak Community College

February 2020            Colorado College

April 2020                   United States Air Force Academy

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