Paw Prints

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Three steps to remember:

  1. Use "Print preview" before sending your print job to verify formatting and document length.

  2. Select the appropriate printer and check the settings menu to specify simplex or duplex printing.

  3. Verify the costs of your print job in the Equitrac Cost-Preview popup when in the computer labs and log into your Paw Prints User Dashboard to view your balance and history.

Additional tips for success:

  • If you experiencing a problem with our printers or have a question, please ask the computer lab advisor for assistance. Do not open the printers and attempt to troubleshoot problems yourself.

  • If the printers are out of paper, do not attempt to load the paper yourself. Please ask the advisor on duty to assist you.

  • Save money and conserve paper by printing double sided (duplex). Most printers default to double-sided printing and you may confirm this in the printer settings menu.

  • When printing Microsoft Powerpoint presentations, use the "Print Handouts" option from the printing menu to print multiple slides per page.

  • Large files (100 MB+) will not be accepted due to extended print times. Keep graphics to a minimum and make sure to select black and white printing. In Powerpoint, you may also change the slide design back to the default blank (white) background. These changes will insure that your job prints in a timely manner and is readable.

  • Select grayscale from the print menu to speed up printing times.

  • When printing Adobe Acrobat .pdf files, click on the small print button in the browser window that is attached to the Acrobat software application rather than the one on the web browser's toolbar. If you are not sure which button to use, please ask an advisor for assistance. Clicking the wrong button may print blank sheets and wastes paper.

  • When printing html documents from webpages that contain frames, right click on the frame that you want to print and select print from the menu.