Chancellor Statements

Academic Freedom: Chancellor Statement
As the chancellor of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, I support and am governed by the Constitutional principle of free expression and its protection of both our faculty and our students. This value is shared by the UCCS community and is rooted in the Laws of the Regents and other university policies that define the educational process at the University of Colorado. (Read more)

Chancellor Response to Humanities Course Reaction
With regard to the recent controversy surrounding Humanities 3990, I want to affirm that UCCS does not condone censorship nor will we engage in censorship. UCCS leaders, faculty, and staff are committed to upholding academic freedom for faculty and students and will be responsive to public concerns with regard to discussions of academic freedom, First Amendment rights, and censorship. Principles of free expression are a shared value of the UCCS community. (Read more)

Post-Election Statement
As the national and the campus continue to absorb the results of Tuesday's election and celebrate Veteran's Day, I write to underscore the University's values and our responsibilities as members of the UCCS community. (Read more)

Chancellor Response to Resistance and Revolution Course
The current challenge to academic freedom results from UCCS’ Humanities 3990 course entitled “Resistance and Revolution.” This course explores various constructs of resistance and revolution historically and sociologically by examining in varying degrees social, economic, political, religious and cultural movements, and examines lessons of both past and present and their applicability for students moving forward. (Read more)

Campus Climate Statement
It is up to us to ensure UCCS remains inclusive, safe, and committed to our values. As I prepare for December commencement ceremonies and reflect on the events of the past several weeks, I turn to the words and actions of CU President George Norlin who led CU from 1917 to 1939 for guidance. I am pleased to share those thoughts with you today. (Read more)

Milo Yiannopoulos Visit
A response to elected officials concern over the rhetoric Milo Yiannopoulos: I absolutely reject this type of rhetoric. The statements that Mr. Yiannopoulos has made at other campuses are clearly in opposition to the values of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and its commitment to creating an inclusive community that welcomes all. (Read more)