College of Education Seminar Series: Topics in Teacher Leadership


Offered to participants that demonstrate a suitable level of experience as a classroom teacher (e.g. three academic years). Seminar series is offered on our UCCS Downtown Campus with Robert Mitchell

The series consists of six seminars:

  • Topics in Teacher Leadership ($649; for all six seminars listed below, or $129 for individual seminars)     
    • Coaching for Teacher Leaders -October 20
    • Induction for Teacher Leaders -October 27
    • Inclusion for Teacher Leaders -November 10
    • Finance for Teacher Leaders -November 17
    • Development & Teacher Leaders -December 1
    • Partners & Teacher Leaders -December 15


Course Description

As an active participant in this program you will develop an understanding of: designing useful induction programs, coaching new and emerging educators, creating effective professional development, collaborating with businesses and companies, advanced inclusion for all students and examining money, budgets and school systems.

Classes meet for six Saturdays  from 8:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. Participants are able to attend individual seminars.

How to Apply and Enroll


  • To enroll in the College of Education Seminar Series, ensure you have completed the application. Then finish the remaining steps in the Enrollment Guide using the information below.
  • If you would like to attend all six seminars, follow the course information below
    • NLED 6001-N01: Topics in Teacher Leadership
    • Class number: 40923
    • Dates: Saturdays 8:00AM-12:00PM, October 20- December 15
    • Location: UCCS Downtown Campus
    • Cost: $649


  • Participants interested in attending individual seminars, follow the information corresponding to the seminar you would like to attend
    • NLED 6002-N01:Coaching for Teacher Leaders 
      • Class number: 40927
      • Date: October 20
      • Cost: $129
    • NLED 6003-N01:Induction for Teacher Leaders  
      • Class number :41047
      • Date: October 27
      • Cost: $129
    • NLED 6004-N01: Inclusion for Teacher Leaders 
      • Class number :40932
      • Date: November 10
      • Cost: $129
    • NLED 6005-N01: Finance for Teacher Leaders
      • Class number :40933
      • Date: November 17
      • Cost: $129
    • NLED 6006-N01: Development & Teacher Leaders
      • Class number :40934
      • Date: December 1
      • Cost: $129
    • NLED 6007-N01: Partners & Teacher Leaders
      • Class number :40938
      • Date: December 15
      • Cost: $129




If you have questions about the online application, please contact the College of Education, Student Resource Office at: 719-255-4996 or